Saturday, 18 April 2009

Dwarven Gateway Review


Just time for a quick review this tome of the Dwarven Gateway.

The miniature comes in a sturdy box with the usual colour photo on the front and black and white images of the building on the back. On opening the box I found it very well padded with packaging peanuts.

The kit itself came in 10 pieces, each tower came in three pieces, the gate, parapet, wall and finally some nice winch apparatus which can be used to add a drawbridge to the model. As usual the bits are bubble free and nicely cast and the finished gateway will weigh a ton!

Gateway Gubbins!

There's lots of really nice weathering on the gate giving it an ancient, battle scarred feel. The only real quibble I have with it is that the parapet running along the top is a bit tight to get even a 20mm square base into. It will fit but only just. This is a bit of a shame but may have been caused by shrinkage when the original model was moulded.

Good Stuff: An excellent piece of kit that looks suitably dwarven and is ideal for those wanting to add some interest to their battlefields. The detailing is excellent and I suspect its going to turn out really nicely when painted.

Bad stuff: As already mentioned the parapet is a bit narrow and its difficult to position the defenders on it. Also theres no guide to constructing it! Its not too much of a problem as its fairly straight forward but it may have been handy as I had to do a bit of head scratching before figuring out what went where and which way round to put it!

I plan on using this as an objective in games with dwarven defenders desperately trying to stop an attacking orc horde from breaking in. I may have to construct some sort of cliff face with the gateway built into it as it would make an excellent entrance to a dwarven city!

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