Saturday, 4 April 2009

Orc and Goblin Reviews


Heres the second batch of reviews!

First off theres the Gorathosaur box set:

The model arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with a color photo of the model on the front and various black and white pics of it on the back. The box was also stuffed with packaging peanuts which ensured it didnt get damaged in transit which is a plus (again I lost the pics I took of the box!)

Gorathosaur (apologies for the blurry pic!)

Unlike many of the other Grendel resin kits I have, this one is cast in a yellowish resin rather than the typical gray. The kit comes in three pieces, the body, head and orc crewman. The kit is well detailed with the usual highly effective looking lizard skin effect on the beast while its head also has tons of character (it actually looks a bit depressed!).

The crew figure is quite nice and features an orc with a sword at on a throne. A nice element to him is that his armour is made up of bones! Alas as he's a one piece resin sculpt he's quite static.

The Gorathosaur Crewman.

The howdah itself is a bit odd as the Orc seems to be looking at a big pile of skulls sat in front of him and the sides of the howdah are non existent. Essentially he's just sat on a raised platform. I plan on building up the sides a bit and possibly adding a second crew figure in the form of a banner bearer as the orc on the throne looks quite characterful.

Good stuff: Buckets of character as usual and the Gorathosaur is nicely detailed and unlike most of the other orc warbeasts is armoured to some extent. The orc characters armour is also really nice and quite different from the usual chainmail.

Bad stuff: The howdah is a bit of a let down as its more of a stage than an armoured fighting platform. Also the static pose of the character is a bit of a shame as it would be better if he was waving his sword and bellowing. The Gorathosaurs pose is a bit depressed too with it staring at the ground. I plan on extending its neck a bit to give it a better pose.

Next up is the Goblin Carnodon archers:

The miniatures arrived safely wrapped in bubblewrap and consists of four identical Carnodon cavalry mounts and four identical archer figures. The Carnodons themselves are brilliant. I really like their tubby frame and bad tempered looks and they remind me of really big, angry squigs from warhammer.

Carnodon Bits!

The crew figures are quite nice too which came as quite a surprise. They are nicely sculpted and look suitably goblinesque (as long as you don't mind them having topknots!) As per usual with the resin and metal kits the goblin is in two pieces. The upper body is metal while the legs come as part of the resin mounts.

Carnodon Side Views

Carnodon Front and Back Views.

Alas all the figures are identical which makes making larger units of them a bit difficult. Saying that the goblin riders are provided from the waist up, allowing you to pivot their bodies to a certain extent. The metal components are well cast and without mould lines but the resin beasts are going to need a bit of work as there's a thin line of resin running along their spines which will need cleaning Also one of them has a bit of a blob stuck to one side (it actually looks like a piece of rag which doesn't look out of place and actually adds a bit of variety to the sculpts)

Good stuff: Really nice models, they have tons of character and I can see myself buying more. These look FAR better than the traditional goblin wolfrider!

Bad stuff: The models are all identical and need a bit of cleaning before assembly and painting.

I continue to be very pleased with the range so far. If I'm honest the Gorathosaur is a bit weaker than the rest of the stuff I've reviewed so far as its pose is a bit dejected and doesn't really fit with the enraged beastly namesake of the orcs dark god. Otherwise the range continues to contain some pleasant surprises, being generally far more detailed and interesting than the pictures online would lead you to believe.

I will add some more reviews later but will leave you with a work in progress pic of my Eye of Gorath. He's a very interesting model and will look really good once he's finished. I am going to give him the same colour of skin as normal orcs but he's going to be covered in mystical tattoos to make him really stand out on the tabletop!

The Eye of Gorath

All the best!

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