Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Leviathan Repaint Part 2


Well the model has been sat soaking in Mr Muscle oven cleaner for hours and Ive had at it with a toothbrush to remove as much loose paint as possible:

A Partly Stripped Model!

Ive noticed theres a bit of an air bubble problem on the carnosaur as his spines are missing their tips and a large chunk of his tail is missing altogether! This isnt too much of a problem as hes going to be getting a fairly hefty amount of conversion work done to him.

Another Pic!

The paint has come off the surface of the model quite well but the carnosaur has some really deep crevices in its skin making cleaning a bit of a pain! Ive stuck him back in the cleaner and will leave him till this evening and then have another go at cleaning the remainder off.

At present I am planning on lengthening his tail and adding some spikes and possibly even some armour plates (I really want to have a go at making him a spiny devil, covered in armour and spikes. These will be a mixture of his natural hide and riveted pieces of plate added by the lesser goblins) Another possibility is to lengthen his jaw a bit making him a bit more predatory.

The howdah itself will have a suitably large banner pole, crows nest and hopefully some extra bits and pieces to help identify it as a command unit.

I will get some thumbnails worked up and will post them along with an update of the cleaning process in the morning!

All the best!

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