Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Leviathan Repaint!


Ive been having a rummage in my parents loft and have found an old Leviathan lesser goblin wartower I painted when I was about 16. Needless to say it looks pretty poor so I thought as the poll I am running is hinting that people would like to see a lesser goblin wartower painted up this would be the perfect time to start!

A Poorly Painted Monstrosity!

I plan on converting this chap a bit once Ive stripped off the paint and turning him into a command unit for my wartowers. Ive found an assortment of useful material ranging from cocktail sticks to balsa wood and plasticard in the same box and will be posting my progress while Im up here in Scotland!

Another Depressingly Poor Shot!

The first stage is going to be stripping the paint off him. As Im not sure what effect paint stripper will have on him I am going to attempt to use Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner which I have been informed will do the job (if somewhat more slowly as it will take a couple of days to lift the paint)

As this is the first Grendel miniature I ever bought I plan on spending a bit of time on him making him look as good as possible and he may form the basis for a small sub force I have been pondering (Essentially a horde of lesser goblins consisting of nothing but wartowers and lesser goblin rabbles!) I may have to add some troop choices in but I quite like the idea of a horde of diminutive goblins rushing around causing mayhem!

Hopefully I will be able to show a stripped version of the model by the weekend!

All the best!

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