Thursday, 4 June 2009

Leviathan Repaint Part 5


Well Ive almost finished up armouring the wartower and all that needs doing now is the spikes (I plan on using sculpey and making the spines separately and then fastening them on with greenstuff as its cheaper than doing the whole lot with greenstuff)

More Armoured Plates!

Apologies for the pic quality! I am leaning towards a darker colour scheme for the tower as the armour will look better if its toned down from the usual yellow and black. He may yet get some sort of stripe effect but we shall see!

Ive also painted a goblin archer for the game as Ive now got enough bits to form a unit 10 strong to give my orc horde some disposable firepower! I will post a pic once Ive got more of the unit finished!

In other news Ive just bought a pile of the old Chainmail miniatures from Dungeons and Dragons as theres some really quite nice sculpts for everything from orcs to dwarves and even a few elves! I really plan on cracking on with the painting over the holidays but as my maximum speed seems to be about three a day for infantry and a warbeast can take up to a week its just as well Ive got nearly four months off!

Im also selling off some old 40k ork stuff to help fund the project so please feel free to peruse the ebay link!

All the best!

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