Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Leviathan Repaint Part 7


Well Ive just finished working on the wartower and once the greenstuff has dried will have to set about painting him!

The Constructed Wartower!

Another View!

I decided to simply add some scales to the carnosaurs head rather than going for anything more complex as it would have added yet more time to the project!

A More Complete View!

I have given the unit a twin standard pole to mark it as a command unit and theres a small platform for a lesser goblin to stand on one side and a strange little gargoyle to perch on the other. At present I still need a metal lesser goblin to take the position (I plan on getting hold of a snotling from GW to fill the slot!) but am going to make a start on the painting as I really want to get on with the task!

All the best!

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