Saturday, 13 June 2009

Leviathan Repaint Part 9!


Well the Durham wargames show was quite a success! I managed to pick up a few more goblins and more importantly some orc crew for my warbeasts!

Many thanks to Andy (aka Manic-miner on the Scotia-Grendel forum) for trading me a horde of leviathan goodies! I now have a very respectable number of dwarven vehicles to unleash mayhem on the hapless orcs (or more likely the goblin shield!)

The show itself was quite interesting to have a rummage round and special mention goes to the fantastic pirate game being run upstairs there. I wish I had taken my camera as the board was visually stunning!

But without further ado heres a couple of pics of my lesser goblin wartower:

Not Much Progress!

Almost Visible Beady Eyes!

As you can see Ive only managed to finish the head and thats taken me almost an entire week! I blame this on the sunshine and barbeques and not my lazyness. Still I think that the rest of the beast itself should be doable in a single session while the howdah is going to be the most time consuming as its literally packed with detail!

The model itself is really starting to pull together and despite my half hearted attempts to strip the previous paint off it, it doesnt seem to have suffered too badly. The detail is still there and really shows up with the application of a layer of ink. Hopefully by this time next week when I nip off to Newcastle for my hols I will be able to finish him (at least thats the plan!)

All the best!

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