Sunday, 18 February 2018

Alternative Leviathan


While this blog is going to cover all aspects of the classic 1995 edition of Leviathan as well as the suitable Grendel products that went along with it, I have a second blog which covers my own interpretation of Leviathan.

SOMEWHERE ON THE BORDER  is a bit of an alternative which explores Aeroth as I see it. The scale is different, the figures I've sculpted are different and indeed the technology levels are different and it concentrates on small warbands, skirmishes and some of the interesting denizens of a post apocalyptic fantasy world!

 Adventuring Party

Sadly it too has been neglected for far too long so I will be spending a bit of time over the next few weeks between both blogs to bring them up to date and new articles should start popping up on  a regular basis.

Technomancer and Golem bodyguard

I'm keen to keep the two seperate as while they both technically share the same setting, they are vastly different in content. I do plan on there being some crossover between, especially with some of the creatures and races as well as locations but if you are interested in having a bit of a peruse, do head over and take a peek at how my version of Aeroth evolved!

All the best!

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