Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Dwarf Mk2 War Golem Playtest Rules


I've been going through my old Leviathan files and have dredged up the playtest rules for two of the Mk2 Dwarf War Golems, namely the Gladiator and Nemesis.

The Gladiator is a close in fighter that is protected by it's reinforced shield and sports shoulder mounted launchers which give it an extra edge when charging.

 The Nemesis is an all rounder with a steam powered gatling gun and claw for close in work.

I've got a few more pdf's for the Grendel range kicking around which I will upload here. They are currently rough drafts and could do with some playtesting and reviewing to see if they need further tweaking and hopefully I'll get chance to give them a thorough shakedown in the coming months.

If anyone would like a copy of the PDF's I've got them uploaded on Scribd or I can email them out to folks.

Once I've got the whole lot put together I'll compile them all together into my fan supplement, Earthpower!

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