Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Leviathan Update


I've been working through the assorted posts I wrote back in the day when I first reviewed a lot of Leviathan resin models.

Black Orc Khan

With a little bit of editing and reworking of images, they've been reposted and I will be adding to them with some more reviews in the next few weeks as I sort through my collection of unpainted resin and lead.

Assorted Gubbins

I'm currently painting my way through a batch of Dwarf infantry which will be getting a bit of a picture report once they are all finished and I'll be posting up some test rules for the assorted Grendel and Leviathan range that wasn't covered in the original releases.

I'm also going to post some ponderings on suitable proxies for Leviathan that are out there which should be fun too.

Hopefully my next post will have a full Dwarven unit to showcase so watch this space!

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