Thursday, 22 February 2018

Seeking Leviathan Histories


In my ongoing quest to chronicle all things Leviathan, I am trying to track down anyone who had anything to do with the creation of the game, it's setting or miniatures range!

Leviathan Diorama (Courtesy of Paint Splats)

I'm especially keen to find out if anyone knows anything about the planned supplement, Earthpower. Now the near mythical planned publication was supposed to cover things like flyers, magic and siege warfare as well as adding two new forces, The Knights of the Eternal Light, a grim and driven force of templars dedicated to the defeat of the Fallen and The Children of the Worm, one of the Fallen factions that was based around the Undead.

Sadly all the documents that Scotia Grendel received was lost when their old PC kicked the bucket and the last time I tried out my Leviathan project back in 2011, I was unable to trace any information on it's contents.

Hopefully this time I'll be able to improve on things and I'll be searching through the assorted forums and social media in the vague hope that I will be able to find the odd tidbit of information!

The original team

So if anyone out there has any Leviathan gubbins, I'd love to hear from you!

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