Thursday, 15 March 2018

Orc Necrodon Rider


As promised, here's the first of my Orcish horde Necrodon riders!

Necrodon Rider

I had this guy pretty much finished for some time but have been waiting for some bases to arrive from Warbases as he was rather prone to tipping over on a normal 40mm or even 50mm round. I ended up with a 60x40mm rounded edge base and with the addition of some Das Clay to bulk out the base, he's surprisingly steady.

The model is largely as is from the blister with the only addition being a plastic sword from GW's Ork box and a little bit of putty work to bulk out his jacket as he had a rather elfin waistline.

Heavy Cavalry!

I'm really pleased with how he's turned out and the whole figure was an absolute pleasure to paint and allowed me to experiment with washes quite a lot to get the nice warm yellow for the beasts hide. I may yet rework the shield but am rather sorted with it just now and will be starting a second model soon!

Looking at the size of the Orc rider, I do wonder if I need to try and source some of the larger Orcish sculpts to fit in but I like the idea of the Necrodon riders being the elite and reserved for the big guys who can manage.

I've given him a ruddy brown skin colour inkeeping with the artwork from the book and rather like it compared to a more typical greenskin and am rather looking forward to adding some more to make a unit.

Hopefully I'll be able to convert a few riders so they aren't all mono pose as well so watch this space!-


  1. He looks great especially against that awesome terrain as a backdrop. ;)You could keep like 3 monopose with this guy as the champion. I think that look could work as well.

  2. Nice work, it's a cracking looking figure.

  3. Thanks for the comments folks!

    I'll be adding some bits and bobs soon so watch this space!