Saturday, 24 March 2018

Scaling Leviathan


I've been rather busy at work over the last week or so and I've had to sacrifice hobby time much to my frustration but I have been perusing my well thumbed copy of Leviathan and have been musing about how best to scale my efforts to play the game.

Looking back, I think this image showcases the sort of size of force I want to aim for:

Assorted Rabble (sadly mostly sold off years ago)

While Leviathan can cater towards massive armies and would look utterly amazing with vast numbers of giant warbeasts smashing each other on an epic scale, I can't help but notice that I don't have the space required for the suggested 8x4' board. 

 Goblin Archers (long lost)

At best, I think I can squeeze in a 4x4' or at a pinch a 6x4' which is a bit of an issue for full on clashes but I've settled on a more convenient sort of approach which will centre around skirmishes of infantry with the odd cavalry or warbeast for an initial period to give me the chance to actually play some games! 

I'm planning to then scale things up a bit to something more like 2nd edition 40k with decent sized warbands duking it out with several more warbeasts and artillery.

Sadly, I need to really get myself a decent amount of infantry to make this plan feasible as I'm currently sadly short of pretty much everything I need. While I've got a fair number of Dwarves to paint up, the other forces are rather puny at present and that needs sorting out soon.

I think I will be perusing the interwebs for some suitable figures and hope to get some updates going as I've lost a fair amount of time with work stuff so would like the chance to get back up to speed with something far more fun...

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  1. Maybe you can try the chronopia figures, sort of a daughter game to Leviathan in some respects as usually available on auction sites.