Saturday, 11 January 2020



Just a quick update this evening with a picture of all that remains of Earthpower, the supplement for Leviathan that never was!

I've spoken to everyone I could who was originally involved with Leviathan and Earthpower and other than vague memories of the magic system involving use of Ley Lines, the entirety of the rules were lost when an old PC crashed, taking the only copy with it.

Handily though, all is not lost as I managed to get this rather good header from Neil Dunlop, one of the original creative team behind Leviathan. It's a bit glitchy but has an awesome 80's computer game vibe to it.

I'm not sure if I have enough crumbs to put together the magic system as it was but I am keen to get some sort of workable completion to the game that will allow me to play out games as they were originally intended.

With that in mind, I will be taking a peek at Chronopia, the spiritual successor to Leviathan as many of the same team worked on it and I hope some of the original elements of Earthpower could have sneaked into the better known game.

Vortex Spelleater 

We shall have to see what I can put together but I'd love to be able to put the Vortex Spell Eating Machine into use!


  1. I can't help you with Earthpower, but I was somewhat invovled with the second edition of Leviathan that Scotia Grendel produced in the late 90s. I produced the covers for it and was on the demo team that took it to GenCon97 (or was it 96?) in Loughborough, Nottinghamshire. It didn't last long and was only produced within house (self printed with a spiral bound cover etc.), but it did come with cast white metal playing tokens, that I also designed/sculpted.

    1. I had heard of a 2nd edition with the spiral binding which came in some sort of a box set but have never been able to find a copy or any information on it.

      Would you be willing to send any information on it to me as I'd love to be able to pick your brains on the work that went into it!