Tuesday, 3 February 2009



I have decided to start this blog to support the game Leviathan and hopefully help drum up some interest in a really good wargame.

I first bought the rules in 1995 when the game was first released and have read and reread it many times over the years but until now never seriously thought about collecting it. This changed on reading it just recently and getting first all nostalgic then realising it was an excellent system with a really interesting setting that would make a nice project!

The background in the book is a truly great read and the forces available are also fantastic ranging from demon worshipping elves to mongol horde style orcs, industrial dwarves with steam powered weaponry and savage human barbarians.

Over the coming days and weeks I will give a more in-depth overview of each force as well as a quick history of the doomed realm of Aerath. Following on from this I hope to start collecting up a force for each of the races. Helpfully Scotia Grendel still produce nearly all the miniatures required while the rulebook is also still in print.


The miniatures themselves tend to be a mixture of metal and resin and are nice and chunky (admittedly some are not great but all have real character!) I plan on replacing some of the infantry and cavalry riders with miniatures available from different companies as I want to be able to field forces with more variety.

Scotia handily run an offer where if you spend £50 on Leviathan miniatures, you receive a free copy of the rulebook. To enable me to play a game of Leviathan I plan on making a purchase of 2 small starter forces in the form of the orcs and the dwarves. The reason for this is that these two ranges are complete and have some really nice miniatures available to each side.

Alongside this I plan on trying to create some scenery articles to showcase the doomed world and to create something for the forces to fight over. As I am a poor student it may take some time to complete but I believe it will be an interesting project with lots of possibilities for converting miniatures as well as drumming up a bit of interest in a forgotten gem of a game!

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