Friday, 10 January 2020

Leviathan Lurches to Life?


I've been thrashing about with Leviathan over the last decade or so but never really getting anywhere with it and after repeated failures, I had left the blog pretty much mothballed as I moved onto other random projects.


The problem is that I still obsess over the game. I don't know why but I got to thinking that maybe I should have one last bash at making a go of it so here I am in January 2020 with only the vaguest idea as to what I am going to do but my plan is as follows:

Elven Earthbound 

Collect and paint a small force of Dwarves, Elves, Barbarians and Orcs over the course of the year and blog my progress. I plan on using vintage resin and lead for the most part with the odd plastic or sculpted conversion to represent stuff that isn't currently available or the original model is just not up to spec.


My budget for said project is pretty puny but I do feel that I need to do it as I will never get it out of my system otherwise and who knows, I may end up with an army or two...

Now I don't really want to go spending ages trying to build armylists or anything so organised. Rather I want to paint stuff that I find interesting and that really showcases just how amazing the game could have been.

Stone Elemental

The first aim will be to paint a warbeast, a unit and a character for each of the four races so watch this space for updates and I will hopefully be giving the assorted forces a bit of gaming time too as I progress as I am keen to see how well the game plays in smaller scale with only a handful of miniatures a side and up to a smallish force of 1-1500 points. This will give me the opportunity to see if I can make a success of playing the game with the figures and hopefully putting to rest the madness of the project that I just couldn't complete!

I will aim to post an update once a week with progress, or lack thereof and we shall see what we can do.


  1. I think that is a sound plan. Starting with such small forces will be great for your narrative battle reports as well to get you back in the right groove. Really excited to follow along. 💪

    1. We shall see how we go! I'm also working on my SD stuff for Somewhere on the Border and 2mm scale Land Ironclads!

      It's looking like I am going to have a rather action packed year!

  2. I can comisserate on the notion of being haunted by projects like this. I think it's a particularly tight grip when the game had such unrealized potential.
    IMO it would also be a great setting for a dark fantasy RPG.

    I'm looking forward to whatever bits you do get done.

    1. It is a fantastic setting and with some more fleshing out, it could have been truly great but as with so many games, they appear with a flash of greatness and then vanish almost as quickly!

      I hope to add some Old or at least Middlehammer whatnots to the mix and I have hopes of really pushing the old resin sculpts as far as they can go along with some propper scenic bases.

  3. Best of luck! I too used to love reading through the game in my youth, but never found the chance to play.

  4. Seems like I missed your restart.
    Good to hear some of these old models are finally going to get a kick of paint and are maybe going to get some table time.