Thursday, 16 January 2020

Leviathan Weekly Update 1


As promised, I'm posting the first update on my 2020 Leviathan project!

Barbarian King

I've had a rummage through my much depleted leadpile and have discovered a smattering of Barbarians from the old Grenadier range sculpted by Mark Copplestone and handily still available from EM-4 Miniatures.

I painted up this chap several years ago with vague ideas of fleshing out a warband:

Barbarian Berzerker

I have got a few more in the works at the moment and hope to get a picture of the fledgeling warband on my next update. I'm reworking this chap a little bit as I am going for a NMM finish which fits the Orcs and Dwarves I previously finished:


Speaking of Dwarves, I have quite a few of the stunties sat waiting to get painted and I suspect that they will be the quickest of my warbands to reach complete status.

Orc Carnosaur

Of the other forces, my Orcs have quite a few odds and ends, especially resin cavalry but are currently lacking infantry and at present I am utterly bereft of suitable Elves and am hoping to source some suitable proxies soon!

Hopefully my next update will have new pics to show, at the least of my work in progress. In the meantime, All the best!

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  1. This all sounds fascinating. I love
    seeing new info for any neglected range or setting turn up on the web, (especially if it involves Kev Adams orcs)