Monday, 24 February 2020

Barbarian Earth Elemental


I found myself an old soft plastic D&D Earth Elemental and figured it would be a nice addition to my Barbarians!

Earth Elemental

The detail is a wee bit soft in places but with a fair amount of drybrushing and washes it turned out rather nicely.

I'm finding myself drawn to the skirmish side of things in Leviathan so some of the larger Battle Elementals are maybe a bit big for my 3'x3' board but still wanted my Barbarians to get access to some Elemental support.

Game wise, I need to stat him up but will have him somewhat tougher than a cavalry miniature but not as powerful as a mighty Elemental!

My next update will be an update on my Earthbound Dragon so watch this space!


  1. I love your blog and I used to love Leviathan. I recently found the figures I had painted in the 1990s (a Barbarian hero on Tusker and a Barbarian standard bearer) and I will try to expand this into a decent warband. Cheers