Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Earthbound Project Log Part 1


Just a quick update this evening to show the work I've done on repairing the Earthbound Dragon!

I've got his head attached and filled in the air bubbles, sanded the base and given the whole model a really good was in soapy water to remove any release agent or dust.

 Earthbound WIP

I also thought that the front claws needed a wee bit of work to make them longer and more fierce so I lengthened them with greenstuff. The beast's head and neck has also been slightly reposed to give it a more satisfying look.

I've textured the neck with greenstuff and fixed the snout as well as well as reworking its chin to give it the sharp spur which makes it more closely resemble the concept art.

That's the Earthbound done for now and I'll be working on the rider next so hopefully I'll have a new post by the weekend!


  1. Those adjustments have improved the beast very nicely, taking shape very nicely.

  2. These adjustments make a whole lot of difference, great sculpting.