Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Painters Update


I've been rather busy with work over the last couple of weeks but have managed to paint up some gubbins for my Leviathan project and take some slightly better pics of my existing stuff!

First up, here's an armoured Half Orc:

 Half Orc in plate

I had a few of the old Grenadier fantasy figures lying around so I painted this guy up as a Half Orc knight. Covered in sinister plate with a leering mask and big sword, he is just the thing to add a bit of a punch to my Half Orc warband.

Next up, a slightly less blurry Barbarian shot:

 Barbarian Leader and Skald

In my leadpile rummaging I also found a somewhat NSFW Blademaiden:

Skyclad Barbarian

I'm not sure how effective a layer of paint and unsuitable shoes are in combat but she works as one of the Earth Mothers chosen maidens.

Next up, a new addition to my Leviathan project, a pair of ghostly undead chaps:

 Tox Spirits

Fluff wise, these guys are the toxic spirits of those who died during The Death and can be found infesting the ruined megacities of Aeroth. Petty and spiteful, they are the bane of all living things.

Finally here's a sneak peek of my next to do:


I am really excited to paint this guy and will enthuse about him during my next post which handily will be a review of the Elven Earthbound I've acquired but in the meantime, all the best!

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  1. Ah, this is were the cheap AoS models you picked up were meant for. Terrific work on all of them, the extra effort you put in the NMM pays off.