Monday, 17 February 2020

Review: Elven Earthbound


I was recently fortunate enough to be donated a rather spiffy Earthbound Dragon!

This badboy is one of the iconic figures from the Leviathan range and I am really pleased to actually have one added to my collection. I've decided to celebrate the fact by posting a review of the beast!

 Catalogue Pic

In the fiction, Earthbound Dragons are mutated monstrosities who are corrupted offspring of the true dragons and are the preferred mount of Elven nobles. While not able to fly, they can breath fire and have ferocious jaws and talons which make them terrifying foes in combat. 

Rule wise, they are very fast and their riders can be equipped with Powerlances giving them ferocious long range firepower too. 

The miniature itself is a big beast and pretty close to the original artwork. The Earthbound itself comes in two pieces, the main body and head. The rider is separate with a cast on saddle/throne and has a lance cast in metal (alas mine was missing the lance but I have a GW plastic lance to replace it so no problem!)

The cast itself is pretty clean but there are a few air bubbles to be found on the extremities, especially the head which will need a bit of filler to smooth out but nothing that can't be repaired without much difficulty.

The body itself is in quite a dynamic pose for a single piece casting with the dragon having plenty of texture which bodes well for painting him! I do like the fact that there is a suitably Grimdark base to the howdah with skulls and scalps hanging off it!

The Earthbound's head is wonderfully gribbly with sweeping horns, a crocodile like jaw and oozes character. Sadly the tip of the nose is missing and as already mentioned, I'll need to do a wee bit of repair work to him to get him into fighting form but I'm rather looking forward to starting work on it!

I had considered replacing the rider with a plastic or metal replacement but I think I'm going to stick with him as he is rather characterful. He does remind me of Hugo Weaving with the long face and his armour is in the style of the older GW Dark Elves which is quite pleasing. The throne is covered in great wee details such as esoteric jewellery, skulls and carvings and really gives a feel of post apocalyptic style!

Mr Anderson!

The rider has a chunky resin shield cast on and is pretty large for 28mm but looks ace. Other than the replacement lance, I don't think I will be converting the beast and will keep him more or less stock.

I'm really pleased with the addition and many thanks to Jambo1 aka Donnie for sending me him! I plan on posting a bit of a painting log on the big guy so watch this space for updates as I go about repairing, constructing, painting and basing him!

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Glad to see him getting some use, looking forward to seeing how it turns out once you start painting him. It is an impressive piece and deserves to be used.

  2. An excellent model, one of the best in the range in my opinion.