Saturday, 26 December 2020

State of Leviathan and 2021 Hopes


Gosh, it's been another year and very little progress has been made on Leviathan which has been a bit of a disappointment for me as I had hoped to get myself moving with the success of the Dragonbane rider from April.

As always, Leviathan is that most elusive of hobby goals, one that I dearly wish to make a go of, but fall at the first hurdle. My previous attempts have always resulted in abject failure too and it has got me to thinking that maybe I have been approaching things the wrong way and instead of trying to collect a warband and paint it up, I should aim for something a bit more scattergun but fun.

With this in mind, I have decided to lower my aim and simply paint something Leviathan related every month from January to December and post my progress here once a week as I love the figures, the setting and even the rules but just cannot seem to get my head around army collecting and painting. Hopefully this way, I will have something interesting to post on a regular basis, be it a single figure, a monster or resin scenic item or heaven forfend, an actual unit!

For the most part I hope to use the original figures where possible but if I find a suitable proxy, I will use it as there are some gaps in the range that never got sculpted. It will also be fun to paint up some odds and ends that I have lying around and not feel the pressure that it doesn't fit in with the specific force I am supposed to be working on.

To date, I think this is the only blog that is dedicated to Leviathan and I don't want it to go quiet again so we shall see how I get on in my project and who knows, I may even make a bit more of a go of it this time around so watch this space!