Wednesday, 25 February 2009



Well my orcs are getting some unexpected re-enforcements in the form of a Necrosaur with harpoon giving them some much needed artillery. Bought for £6 and change on ebay the beast gives me the second biggest beast available to the horde.

After that I will have to concentrate on finishing off my infantry and I will have a respectable starter force for the game! The next stage will be to get some cavalry. Probably goblin carnodons as I need something thats speedy enough to close with dwarf artillery without getting clobbered by dwarf tankers!

Ive also completed a PDF for the MK2 war golem gladiator which will hopefully be getting uploaded onto the Scotia Grendel site in the next week or so (if anyone wants a copy before then I am more than happy to email it out to you!)

Hopefully I will get some pics of the completed Titanosaur up over the weekend...

Tuesday, 24 February 2009



Well I am still working on finishing the Titanosaur (although it may have to wait till the weekend!) Other than that I have decided to begin work on a fan supplement for Leviathan.

Called Earthpower in homage to the lost supplement of the same name that was slated for release but never made it to print (and indeed the notes were apparently lost in an old pc!) The supplement will cover rules for magic, flying units, possibly siege warfare and defiantly new units for all of the current factions.

Magic in the Leviathan setting is erratic since the fall and could make for an interesting addition to the rules! I dont want to make it too powerful as it would unbalance the game but I do want it to be capable of enhancing the game.

If I have time I also plan on adding a goblin sub-list allowing players to field a goblin only army. Other ideas currently in the mix also includes dwarf vehicle upgrades, new breeds of orc warbeast, new elementals for the barbarians (spirit totems are mentioned in the background and they sound really quite interesting!) and new elven dragons.

I may also begin work on force lists for both the Knights of the Eternal Light and the Children of the Worm. The great thing about the rulebook is that its such a rich source of material as the following are also mentioned:

Snake Men of Koth
Horned Folk
People of the Moon
Survivors (a new human faction)
Non-Demon Worshipping Elves
5 more fallen princes (unnamed although I suspect Goranth is one of them)
The Daughters of Leviathan

As you can see theres enough material here to keep me going for some time and I will keep posting updates both here and on the Scotia Grendel forum!

Monday, 23 February 2009

More Concept Art!


Heres another concept pic from Anvil magazine, this time of a mutated orc shaman.

I Really like the two headed bizarreness of the concept!

As all the shamans capable of using magic died to bring Goranth into the world the remaining shamans are obviously a bit degenerate!

New Dwarf War Engine


I have been having a look at the remaining Grendel and Leviathan range with the intention to add stats for the vehicles, equipment and monsters that arent currently featured in the rulebook.

So without further ado heres a quick playtest stat for the MK2 Dwarven War Golem Gladiator:

The Gladiator is a new creation of the dwarf Technomancers and sports a powerful cutting blade attachment on one arm while the other is equipped with a mighty battleshield. For close defense the golem also sports several launchers on its shoulders which surround the charging golem with a cloud of shrapnel.

GLADIATOR 15 25 2 3 10 10 7H - 6H 6 9 16

The golem may make:
One attack with each operational arm
One head butt attack each close combat phase
when the golem charges a model of size 3 or greater it may substitute all attacks in favour of a shield charge. The shield charge hits automatically with a +2 bonus to its basic power value (P). If damage is caused the controlling player may roll twice on any location damage table.
When charging the golem activates its shoulder mounted close defense launchers causing all units in base contact with it to take a single POW 3 hit.

Notes: Enhanced save. The golems battleshield vastly improves the machines frontal toughness giving a +2 T to any hits in its front facing

Models Per Unit 1-3
Points per model 135

Location Damage Table:


1-3 1/ DESTROYED - The golems boiler ruptures spilling burning coal into the cabin killing all the crew.

4-6 2/ WEAPON DESTROYED - The blow cripples one eof the golems weapon systems. Roll D20 - 1-10 loses its shield (loses enhanced save, 1 close combat attack and shield charge ability) , 11-15 its sword arm (loses one close combat tattack), 16-20 its close defense launchers (cannot activate launchers)

7-13 3/ IMMOBILISED - The stoker is slain rendering the golem immobile.

14-16 4/ LEG DAMAGE - One of the golems legs is crippled. Reduce movement by half. The golem may no longer make a shield charge attack.

17-20 5/ STUNNED - The crew are thrown by the force of the attack and may not perform any more actions during the turn. The golem is free to operate in the following turn.

Hope thats of some use. I will get it put together as a Word file or PDF and make it available to anyone whos interested!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Scotia Grendel Forum!


The Excellent types at Scotia Grendel have started a forum for all their ranges from Kryomek to Leviathan and Xyston 15mm to their 6mm ranges.

Might be a good place to visit for assorted miniature gubbins (and could possibly be an excellent resource for collecting pics of their range!)

Heres a link:

Leviathan Work In Progress


Just a quick update with a few wip pics of my titanosaur!

Close up of head.

Side view.
The miniature paints up really nicely and has a great lizard skin effect. The pic on the box really doesnt do it justice. I am going to get the howdah constructed today hopefully and will update ASAP.

On another note Scotia Grendel is apparently planning on running a painting competition which should boost interest in Leviathan.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Orc Titanosaur Review!


Well my titanosaur has arrived and its a nice, big beast too.

The miniature (if it could be called that!) arrived from Spirit Games this morning (excellent chaps as I only ordered it the other day!) in a nice sturdy box with a colour photo of the titanosaur.

The kit comes in five pieces, the beasts body and head in two parts and the howdah in three. The grey resin is free of bubbles but does have a rather nasty piece of, for want of a better word, flash on the front which needs cleaning off. Other than that there are some bits on the side of the beast at the straps which need cleaning off which is a bit irritating.

Another odd bit is there seems to be dust mixed into the resin as can be seen above as no amount of cleaning will shift it. It doesnt effect the detail, which is rather nice, but looks a bit grotty.

Heres a pic of the beast with the howdah on the top (minus its head!) it stands an impressive 15cm high and 13cm long. The kit is well worth the money (£21) as its pretty huge but will require a bit of work to get it built and painted.

Good stuff: Its a really big, chunky model with a nice amount of detail and will look great once done.

Bad stuff: It requires quite a bit of work to get it built. Also he howdah is a bit small and requires you to buy three crew models. It will just fit in three old style orcs but if you plan on using new GW plastics you would struggle to fit in two! Its not really a problem for me as this is going to be my Khans personal warbeast so will have a scratch built howdah to fit in the extra character (the howdah will see use as an orc watchtower at some point!) also you need to lift the roof level of the kits howdah by at least 5mm as its a tad low to fit in a bunch of wildly gesturing orcs into it.

Conclusion: All in all I am quite pleased with the kit and believe that the grotty resin and flash can be put down to the model being quite old. I think Scotia have had it in stock since the game first came out in the mid 90s! I will try ordering direct from Scotia Grendel next time to see if the quality is better. Hope you find the review useful!

I am going to convert the beast and will start adding some work in progress shots as I go. The plan is to create a custom howdah for my Khan and give the beast a slight repose and some nice chunky armour as befitting an orc leaders mount!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Scotia Grendel Update


The helpful chaps at Scotia Grendel have just posted a bit of an update of the status of Leviathan on Frothers Unite (warning the contains sweary words)

It appears that the supplement Earthpower has vanished into the ether but they do still want to support the game which will involve making the rules available as a PDF which is great. They are also going to be uploading more images of the range on their website which will be handy!

In the meantime heres some pics from their site featuring a couple of the MK2 dwarven steam golems. At present there are no rules for them but I do plan on doing some homebrew stats for them in the near future!

Nemesis War Golem (armed with grappling claw and grapeshot launcher)

Gladiator War Golem (armed with cleaver, warshield and shoulder mounted close defense launchers)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Unexpected Update!


Ive managed to get hold of some of the Leviathan articles from the old wargames mag Anvil and will post them online tomorrow. Until then heres a quick preview:

Its some early concept art for an orc Khan. Its interesting to see that they appeared to be going for more of a native American theme for their orcs (not to mention the less brutish look of the orc itself!)

Still it gives me some nice ideas for m orc horde!

As I say I will upload the remaining articles in the morning. Till then all the best!


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

State of Play


Sorry about the lack of updates but uni has been incredibly busy!

I have now got just under 1000 points of infantry for my orcs and am concentrating on painting them all up but thought that my orc Khan deserved a suitably impressive mount to ride into battle. I decided to order myself a Titanosaur from Spirit games (who inform me that the miniatures are in the post!) I have also ordered a couple of archers as crew and will be using the following orc character as my Khan:

Hes an old Heartbreaker miniature and is available from Ral Partha Europe (another excellent company!) and is currently slated to act as my army general although he may get replaced with a larger miniature at some point!

I plan on converting the Titanosaur heavily to depict a suitably powerful orcs personal warbeast. To do this may take a bit of effort but should make for an impressive centre piece to my army as I plan on armouring it and giving it some suitably large war banners and scenic base. I also plan on posting some work in progress shots over the weekend of the beast as it takes shape as well as a review of the miniature itself.

I also hope to get some pics up of both my army as it stands at the moment and of some of the individual miniatures that Ive got painted up!

Till then I am off to get some drawing done!

All the best!


Thursday, 5 February 2009


Heres a quick pic of the first goblin unit for my Leviathan orc horde. I have decided to use old citadel and heartbreaker miniatures for my infantry and cavalry riders as the Leviathan ones were, to be honest, a bit poor. Unlike the traditional view of goblins which are almost always green, goblins in Aerath tend to be a sickly yellow.

I have a second unit of goblins, this time archers to paint up as well as an orc unit to complete and then its onto the dwarves. After I have these compulsory units sorted I will start on the warbeasts and engines for both armies.

It may be a week or so before I can get another update done as I have a huge amount of uni work to do!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Orcish Horde


Heres the first of the reviews of the forces in Leviathan. I am starting with the orc horde as their range is most complete and they have some rather nice warbeasts available.

The orcs were beaten by a combined elven, dwarf and human army thousands of years ago and banished to the barren steppes to die. Despite the harsh conditions the orcs survived and flourished. They tamed mighty reptilian beasts which they ride into battle and with the return of their god Goranth have launched numerous expeditions and assaults across the Ironwall Mountains to attack the shattered civilisations of the other races.

The orc horde is constantly attacking the other races as its population keeps growing so rapidly (every orc litter produces between 10 and 20 young) they need to keep expanding to survive. Coupled with their bloodthirsty nature, orcs are one of the few races flourishing since the breaking of the great seals which unleashed the fallen.

The orcish horde relies heavily on its tame warbeasts in battle but also has a good selection of infantry available.

The leaders of the hordes are the orc Khans who often ride into battle atop warbeasts. Excellent in close combat and with a much needed leadership these mighty warriors range from the great Khans who lead the entire army to unit leaders.

Goblin leaders and heroes are called Khadins and while pretty poor combat troops, give any unit they lead a much needed leadership boost. Also arming them with magic weapons can make them capable of holding their own against better characters.

One of the best things about the orc army is that their god can be featured as part of it. The Eyes of Goranth are small versions of him (they still stand 20 feet tall!) and are both excellent in close combat and have the ability to automatically rally fleeing troops.

At present there are no rules for magic in the game but the orcs can field shamans whose ability to issue potions to boost their troops is a definite plus. Also the orcs can be accompanied by shades. These ghosts of dead shamans can move through any terrain without penalty and their attacks ignore armour making them excellent for killing characters or artillery crews.

The Infantry consists of primarily orc warriors armed with a variety of weapons ranging from double handed weapons to bows. Reasonably good in close combat but lightly armoured orc infantry is best either supporting warbeasts or taking on opposing infantry as they will struggle to take down opposing big guys.

Goblins are also available and are, as one would expect cheap, they are pretty poor at close combat but can be equipped with shortbows making for nice support units. Also when armed with hand weapons they make good cannon fodder and shields for better units as orcs dont panic at the sight of goblins getting destroyed!

Great orcs are a good assault choice and cheap too. Every second litter in orc society produces a great orc making them quite numerous, if dim. Armed with double handed weapons these ogre sized orcs should hold their own against any infantry and even warbeasts. They also have high leadership (for orcs) making them less likely to turn and run when they take casualties.

Goranths Chosen are orcs blessed by their god making them bigger and more aggressive than normal, quite heavily armoured and well armed these troops are the elite of the orc infantry forces.

Orcish cavalry is heavy and hard hitting. Riding necrodon warbeasts orcs can either skirmish with their bows or drive into the opposing line with polearms. Goblin cavalry is lighter but faster riding Carnodons with an impressive charge but are better being used to skirmish with their bows or charging to support other units in close combat already. Another use for these rapid moving beasts is to assault artillery pieces or small exposed infantry units.

The warbeasts of the orcs form the bulk of their forces and consist of the following choices:

The largest beasts available are the mighty Titanosaur and can cause huge amounts of damage by themselves, a howdah full of orc warriors make them doubly dangerous. Surprisingly speedy these behemoths can also be armoured making them even more difficult to destroy.

Some orc Khans strap two Titanosaurs together creating a platform to support heavy catapults giving the orc army both heavy artillery and a massively dangerous unit. Admittedly at 420 points each you wont field many and they tend to become missile targets so keep them screened or armour them up a bit.

The most numerous orc warbeast is a Carnosaur. Armed with jagged teeth and mighty talons and riden into battle by up to two orcs these beasts are renowned for being difficult to kill.

Necrosaurs are larger versions of Carnosaurs and sport a howdah full of orcs as well. Slow moving but very nasty with a bite that can crush even a dwarven steam tank these beasts are well worth the points.

Goranthosaurs are Goranths gift to his people Imbued with his power these beasts are not only capable of holding their own against other wabeasts and infantry in close combat but are also capable of spitting large quantities of highly corrosive acid.

Lesser goblins are also featured in the army and come in two varieties. Lesser goblin rabble are a mass of tiny goblins hiding behind shields and wielding a mixture of spears and shortbows. Rubbish in close combat but unbreakable these tiny beasts can be a real pain to destroy and make perfece shielding units.

The other variety is the lesser goblin Carnosaur. These lucky bands have managed to acquire a Carnosaur and proudly ride them into battle. The model for this is great with a howdah full of tiny goblins!

Hopefully that will give you a brief overview of the orcs and their forces. I plan on building an orc force in the coming weeks and am currently painting up some infantry units to support the warbeasts. As soon as I get them finished I will get some pictures up on the site!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009



I have decided to start this blog to support the game Leviathan and hopefully help drum up some interest in a really good wargame. I first bought the rules in 1995 when the game was first released and have read and reread it many times over the years but until now never seriously thought about collecting it. This changed on reading it just recently and getting first all nostalgic then realising it was an excellent system with a really interesting setting that would make a nice project!

The background in the book is a truly great read and the forces available are also fantastic ranging from demon worshipping elves to mongol horde style orcs, industrial dwarves with steam powered weaponry and savage human barbarians.

Over the coming days and weeks I will give a more in-depth overview of each force as well as a quick history of the doomed realm of Aerath. Following on from this I hope to start collecting up a force for each of the races. Helpfully Scotia Grendel still produce nearly all the miniatures required while the rulebook is also still in print.

The miniatures themselves tend to be a mixture of metal and resin and are nice and chunky (admittedly some are not great but all have real character!) I plan on replacing some of the infantry and cavalry riders with miniatures available from different companies as I want to be able to field forces with more variety.

Scotia handily run an offer where if you spend £50 on Leviathan miniatures, you receive a free copy of the rulebook. To enable me to play a game of Leviathan I plan on making a purchase of 2 small starter forces in the form of the orcs and the dwarves. The reason for this is that these two ranges are complete and have some really nice miniatures available to each side.

Along side this I plan on trying to create some scenery articles to showcase the doomed world and to create something for the forces to fight over. As I am a poor student it may take some time to complete but I believe it will be an interesting project with lots of possibilities for converting miniatures as well as drumming up a bit of interest in a forgotten gem of a game!