Sunday, 29 March 2009

Concept Art Update


Just a quick update! Ive finally managed to catch up with a fellow illustrator whos interested in producing some concept art for Earthpower! Its early stages yet but Im giving her a lend of the Leviathan rulebook and will see what she comes up with!

All the best!

Saturday, 28 March 2009



Ive rummaged out some pics of my barbarians! At present I am using a mixture of old Grenadier and Chronopia stuff although my army general is a limited edition from the old Harbinger magazine (hes the harbinger of the north) I have over 100 grenadier barbarians kicking about which leaves me with plenty of options for conversion fodder and possibly an evil tribe! I also hope to paint some up as pictish mercenaries to go with the war bison riders available from Scotia Grendel!

Heres my elite barbarian bodyguard troops (sculpted by Kev White)

And heres my barbarian hero. He really towers over the other infantry on my force (standing at nearly 40mm tall!)

I will post some pics of my orc and goblin troops over the next few days (not to mention some reviews of my orders once they come through!)

All the best!

Friday, 27 March 2009

New Purchases!


Ive spent more money on my Leviathan habit! I was told that Megaminis on ebay was flogging the remainder of their grendel range and after some perusal (where I found the pics of the remaining dwarven steam golems) I placed an order for the Black Thunder and the Fire Storm Mk2 Golems!

Coming in at just under £20 for 2 miniatures and including postage was quite a bargain and gives me more of a dwarven force to work on. Saying that my order from Scotia is on its way too which will leave me with a ton of miniatures to work on just when I am going to be busy with uni work!

Oh well I do love a challenge!

As usual I will post a complete review of the kits when they arrive (Hopefully they will be in good nick as they are coming from the USA!)

I currently have my folks staying so cant even crack on with some painting! I was hoping to get my orc infantry unit finished and make a start on my goblin archers but its looking like I will have to put them on the back burner for the rest of this week at least!

All the best!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Dwarf War Golem Pics!


I spotted the following on ebay (thanks to megaminis who are flogging them in the US!)






Monday, 23 March 2009

Inspiration From Anvil Magazine


Heres another pic from the long out of production Anvil magazine. Originally painted by Steve Blunt the diorama consists of two converted warbeasts and assorted other gubbins and looks pretty good! Im not sure I would want to paint my warbeasts quite so brightly (ok admittedly yellow is pretty bright) but they are quite interesting!

Also heres a pic of the cover of the magazine with another rather nice warbeast conversion. I quite like the oversized banner as it looks suitably commanding and would really help identify character figures on the table!

Im hoping that my order arrives at some point this week as it will allow me to get some reviews done!

All the best!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Completed Necrosaur


Heres a few pics of my completed orc Necrosaur which is my entry for the Leviathan painting competition!

The Orc Horde


I have been compiling my forces points value and have now got the following:

CHARACTERS 552.5 Points!

Level 3 orc Khan, Medium armour, Double handed weapon and mounted on a Titanosaur with bow armed crew and tail spikes

Warrior Abilities: Aura of Gorath, Battle Fury, Obesity

276 points.

Level 1 orc Khan, Medium armour, Extra hand weapon

Warrior Abilities: Thick Hide

41.5 points

Eye of Gorath

141 points

Level 2 goblin Khadin, Light armour, Double handed weapon

42 Points

Level 1 goblin Khadin, Light armour, Shortbow, Shield and mounted on a Carnodon

52 Points


5 Orc Infantry, Polearms, Light armour and Standard

141.5 Points

6 Goblin Infantry, Hand Weapons and Shields

76 Points

7 Goblin Infantry, Polearms and Shields

140 Points

9 Goblin Infantry, Shortbows

198 Points

5 Goblin Carnodon Cavalry, Shortbows, Shields and Standard

165 Points

5 Great Orcs, Double handed weapons, Standard

144.5 Points

MONSTERS 537 Points

1 Necrosaur with Harpoon

215 Points

1 Gorathosaur, Extra Crew, Shields and Bows

164 Points

2 Carnodons, Hand Weapons, Shields

158 Points

That gives me a grand total of 1954.5 Points!

The orc horde is more or less 2000 points now (I havent purchased any magic weapons or shamans brews as yet which will take the total to the 2000 points mark)

I think I still need a few more warbeasts to beef up my force and may invest in some lesser goblin rabbles to act as living shields to my more valuable units but that will cover the next 500 or so points for the horde.

I now need to plan my dwarf force and try to work out some battle tactics for the orcs!

Friday, 20 March 2009

First Painting Competition Entry!


Heres some pics of the first of the leviathan painting competition entries from the forum:

The entry is by Alaric Cantonain and is a really nicely painted Unforgiven demon in plate armour.

Its looking like the standard has already been set high for the competition as Alaric has done a fantastic job on the miniature (I especially like the contrast between the unforgivens pallid skin and dark metallic armour)

Cant wait to see what other entries get posted now!

All the best and indeed best of luck to everyone planning on entering the competition!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sizable Order Of Doom!


Well I got my Uni results for last semester and have managed to do rather well (1A minus, 2As and an A plus! GO ME!!) and to celebrate I thought I would get myself some new stuff for my orc horde!

I ended up ordering myself some goblin cavalry with shortbows with command, an Eye of Gorath a Gorathosaur with two crew and 2 Carnosaurs. That should give me all the stuff I will need for my orc horde for the time being (or is it!) I also made a start on my dwarves by ordering a MK1 Steam Golem and a Thunderhammer tank. To top it off I got an extra copy of the leviathan rulebook for free!

As usual I will post pics and a review as soon as they arrive and will crack on with getting them painted. I will also have to see about writing up some tactics articles and my armylist too!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Sneak Peek!


I thought Id post a quick sneak peek of my entry for the Leviathan painting competition!

I dont want to give too much away at present but will get it finished ASAP and post it on the competition board and here!

All the best!

Leviathan Painting Competition!


The guys over at Scotia Grendel are running a painting competition for Leviathan!

Heres a link to the entry conditions:

Theres some great swag up for grabs so I think I will have to get some painting done!

All the best!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Children of the Worm Proxies


As there arent any official miniatures for the range as yet I have started compiling a list of suitable miniatures for the Children of the Worm. To begin with I thought I'd start with the Devourer Worm!

Heres a nice one from Reaper:

And another from the same company:

Next up theres the plastic option (Dungeons and Dragons miniatures)

Finally theres the now OOP Starship Troopers line by Mongoose (possibly more suited to a carmine terror as hes possibly a bit on the small side)

Next up I will try and find some stuff to use as a Carmine Terror, Blessed and Sand Devil as well as suitable infantry miniatures!

All the best!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Blessed!


Just a quick update!

Heres a quick sketch of one of the new Children of the Worms smaller warbeasts. Known as the blessed and host to a small version of the devourer these hulking brutes can soak up huge amounts of damage before being destroyed.

As already mentioned its a quick sketch rather than the final thing but will hopefully give the general idea as to what the devourers minions look like!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Children of the Worm Unit List!


Heres a quick list of the forces available to the Children of the Worm for the Earthpower supplement:

The Children: Blessed with the gift of unlife these gaunt creatures were once human but are now something far less. Wrapped in fine silks and wearing ornate armour these pale skinned creatures form the bulk of the Devourers followers. Relentless, pitiless and totally evil.

The Decayed: These rotting zombies are the remains of those who have fallen in battle against the Children. Pitiful and mindless the decayed form shuffling packs of fodder and are used to overwhelm opponents by sheer weight of numbers.

The Blessed: The most fortunate of the children are the blessed. Using dark rituals, a small version of the Devourer is implanted into their bodies. This process warps and mutates the body turning it into a large, vaguely humanoid shape but grossly fat. Capable of absorbing vast amounts of damage these beasts will continue to fight even after taking hideous wounds. When the body takes enough damage the worm will burst out of the beasts mouth and can continue to operate its host body for a short period of time.

Sand Devil: The larval from of the devourer, these revolting creatures look like spiny maggots with 6 bulky, insect like limbs. The front end of the creature is dominated by a tooth filled maw. Sand devils form the cavalry units of the Children of the Worm and are ridden into battle by the most favoured of the Devourers followers.

Carmine Terror: The second stage of the devourers development, the carmine terror is a huge clawed monstrosity which moves with the aid of rows of spiny limbs. These razor sharp claws are also the terrors main form of attack and in close combat they rear up to flail at their opponents. The terror also has a huge tooth lined maw capable of devouring a human sized creature with a single bite. Often ridden into battle by heavily armoured warriors the terror is a horrendous monstrosity that forms the elite of the devourers force.

Devourer Worm: The last stage of the devourers development this mighty beast is a smaller version of the great devourer that resides in the southern desert. These beasts are worshipped by the children as the harbinger of their dark god. These sly creatures often begin battle submerged and will burst forth when it feels the vibrations of nearby units. Its great bulk can devour a dragonbane whole and will also use its mass to crush opponents. A really unpleasant ability of the devourer worm is also its ability to carry several decayed warriors in its innards and will vomit them out to form a new unit on the battlefield.

There are several more ideas that I am working on for the children but hopefully the current stuff will give a taster of how the Children of the Worm operate!

Another Earthpower Update


Just a quick status update! Work is continuing on the supplement and I am feverishly developing some Children of the Worm artwork and I am pestering a fellow illustration student to do a few bits and bobs for the Knights of the Eternal Light. Ive also had a possible offer to write some background material for the supplement!

All in all things seem to be developing quite well! I shall try to get some more new unit PDFs done on the run up to the weekend (especially new orc warbeasts, some new elven dragon types and even the pict war bison who will be making an appearance as the first mercenary unit!) Also the titanosaur now has two of its four crew completed!

I am off to Birmingham in the morning for a uni trip to some exciting galleries so wish me luck!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Possible Templar Proxies


Ive been having a think about what miniatures would make suitable proxies for the knights of the eternal flame as there are no official leviathan ones at present. I believe that the Protectorate of Memnoth from the Privateer Press Warmachine line may work quite well being heavily armoured human types.

They are starting to produce some plastics too which will make for good conversion fodder!

Earthpower Update


Heres a quick look at the rough magic rules I have been working on for Earthpower. At present its all a bit rough ad ready but should give you the general idea as to what they are going to develop into!



When fielding a spellcaster the player must first purchase spells for them.

(Spell lists will be worked out at a later date but will include spells for all the races apart from the dwarves who are, by their nature un-magical)

Each spell purchased can only be used once but you may purchase multiples of each.

(This is an attempt to cut down on a player overusing magic and requires a bit more thought be put into magic and stops the magician being all powerful while adding some serious power to the game)

Some spells take effect before the battle begins (see spell description for info) These spells are counted as being automatically successful but do effect the players earthpower pool.

(Essentially I wanted the magic user to have more than just a battlefield use. For example the orc shaman cannot cast spells as such but can commune with the spirits etc which can be used to effect deployment and activation etc)

Magic in the Leviathan setting is an unreliable source of power and spellcasters will have to work hard to gather the power form the earths shattered leylines. To represent this each player rolls a D20 at the beginning of the game. The result is the earthpower they can call upon to boost their spell casting abilities.

Earthpower can be boosted with the use of sacrifices which can be purchased at the beginning of the game (each sacrificial victim boosts the sides earthpower by +1)

(I am trying to keep in theme with the background from the first book and thought that the above rules reflect the nature of the world after the death)


Magic users can only cast a single spell per turn.

In order to cast a spell a Casting counter must be placed next to the model during the orders phase.

A magic user cannot cast spells in close combat and requires two free hands (so no two handed weapons!)

Casting spells requires the magic user to pass a resolve (RES) test modified by the power of the spell. A caster may modify this by using earthpower points from their armies pool.

If the resulting roll is equal or under their resolve the spell is cast and works as normal.
If the resulting roll is a natural 1 the spell works normally and cannot be resisted or dispelled.
If the resulting roll is over the casters resolve things have gone wrong. Roll on the miscast table:
If the resulting roll is 20 the spell goes badly wrong. Roll twice on the miscast table:

Roll Effect
1-3 Spell Lost (the spell is lost from the casters memory and the action is wasted)
4-6 Cannot cast this turn or next (the flow of earthpower is weak or has been disrupted. The caster cannot use spells for the remainder of this turn and next as they struggle to concentrate the fickle flow of magic)
7-13 Deviates (the spell goes wrong in some unusual way and its effects deviate D20cm in a random direction. If the spell hits another unit (friend or foe) it will take effect although the effected unit may still take a resistance check.)
14-16 Attracts a spirit or elemental (the spells power seems inexplicably to be drawn to to an area D20cm in a random direction from the caster. The result is an elemental spirit is summoned. The elemental uses the uncontrolled monster chart for the remainder of the batte) (Stats to follow)
17-20 Power surge (the spell consumes the caster. Remove the caster as a casualty. The spell is automatically successfully cast and cannot be resisted)

(As you can see the price of failure in Earthpower can be pretty nasty and hopefully reflects the dangers of magic use)

If the spell is cast successfully the targeted unit takes a resolve test, again modified by the power of the spell. If they roll under their modified resolve the spell fails to take effect. A natural one is always a success, while a natural 20 is always a fail.

(This is to give all units the chance of resisting to some degree the power of magic. At present I am not sure if I want to include it in the game but opinions and advice would be welcome!)


(Heres a quick list of some initial spell lists. Eventually I hope to have about 10-15 spells available to each faction ranging from fairly weak to really powerful as well as spells that take effect before and during battle) I am trying to give each faction a very different feel for their magic, for example, demonic magic is all about offense and hurting the opposition while druidic magic is more defensive and goblin magic is all about modifying the opponents stats)


Balefire (Range 30cm, target takes a hit from the medium template P6, and is set ablaze)
Unearthly Vigor (Range: Self, ignores first wound received)
Soul Drain (Range 30cm, Target unit takes a single P7 hit, if they are killed the elves add a point of earthpower to their pool)
Raise Hellhound (Range 20cm Raises a single Hellhound under the casters control)
Raise Demonic Minions (Range 20cm, raises a single demon miniature who has been removed as a casualty)
Demonic Visage (an enemy unit within 20cm must take a morale test)
Fallen Portal (Range 20cm, Place a counter on table. A unit may move through portal and reappear anywhere within 40cm)
Black Tide (Uses the small teardrop template P7, 5H)

(Demonic magic is first and foremost offensive in nature and is intended to hand out the hurt to the opposition)


Shimmering Shield (range 30cm, target becomes immune to ranged fire until next magic phase)
Earthpower Bolt (range 30cm, target takes a P 8/7H hit)
Dragons Breath (uses large teardrop template, any unit hit automatically loses next activation as they get lost in the clawing mists)
Shimmering Bridge (range 20cm, the caster moves a single unit or model (friend or foe) 40cm in any direction (note you cant open it up on impassable terrain but can open it in any non lethal terrain forcing all sorts of movement penalties)
Scry (Use before battle starts, target unit cannot deploy until it rolls a 15+ on a d20

(Elven high magic is pretty much the classic battle magic with a mixture of offensive and defensive spells)


Ghost Dance (Use before battle starts. Raises 5 ghost warriors, Upgrade 5 orcs to ghost warriors (stats to follow))
Poisoned Wells (Use before battle starts. One enemy unit must roll d20 per model in it. On a 15+ they are removed as a casualty or given a wound marker)
Blade Venom (Use before battle starts. One unit receives +1 Power to their weapons)
Ancestral Vision (Use before battle starts. After both sides have deployed the orc player may re-deploy a single unit (friend or foe!)
Goranths Call (Use during battle. Range 20cm. Automatically rallies any orc unit + all enemy units within 20cm must take a morale check)

(Although the orcs dont have any shamans left capable of casting spells they do have the ability to create potions and contact spirits. These abilities are intended to be cast before the start of battle and are used to effect deployment etc)


Curse (40cm Range, target loses next activation. Only effects cavalry and infantry)
Misfortune (40cm Range, target must re-roll any successful dice roles next activation)
Jinx (
Summon Spirit (10cm Range, Summons a single spirit to the battlefield (uses Shade stats)
Hex (
Flesh Puppets (Summons 5 twisted puppets: Count as goblins but have a Strike rank of 4 due to their demonic nature)
Evil Eye (30cm Range, target takes a single P6, 4H hit which ignores armour)

(The Goblin shaman uses a mixture of unpleasant curses and low forms of magic to effect the opposition but can also summon some nasty beasts to defend themselves or attack specific targets)


Thunderstorm (40cm range, target takes a hit from the large template P5)
Stoneheart (40cm range, target receives a toughness of 5H until next magic phase)
Earths Embrace (20cm range, target is removed from game for a single turn)
Sea of Thorns (20cm range, target area becomes impassable to infantry and cavalry and hard for all others. uses large template and stays in effect for rest of game)
Breath of the Goddess (40cm range, caster places a large template on any unit, effected models cannot fire ranged weapons and cannot be fired upon, also halves movement)
Flashfire (uses small teardrop template, P6,4H)
Summon Elemental (20cm range, summons an elemental which has been previously destroyedand removed as a casualty)
Chasm (40cm range, opens a 10cm long, 5cm wide chasm. Counts as impassable terrain. If opened under a unit any model touching template must roll a d20, on a 15+ they fall in and are removed as a casualty. Warbeasts etc become trapped and must spend a turn stationary as they force their way out)
Battlecry (15cm range, adds +1P and OC to any charging barbarian unit)

(Druidic magic is based on using the earth as a weapon and often to slow and trap opponents. Although primarily a defensive magic it does have a few offensive spells.)


Gods Grace (30cm range, target becomes immune to morale tests until the next magic phase)
Pillar of Fire (30cm range, place a large template, blocks line of sight and movement, any model hit by the template takes a P7,5H hit, for the cost of one point of earthpower it can be kept in play for an extra turn)
Righteous Fury (30cm range, any charging unit gets an extra attack at +1P and also +1 to their strike rank, however their T drops by one as they hurl themselves at their enemy)
Light Lance (30cm range, target takes a single P8,5H hit, any successfully damaged demonic model must roll twice on their wound table)
Summon Avatar of Light (30cm range, summons an avatar of light (stats to follow) who remains in battle until removed as a casualty)
Heal (30cm range, remove a point of damage from a wounded warbeast or replace a single casualty to a unit)
Banish (30cm range, effects demons only. Effected model is removed from battle and cannot return until it rolls a 15+ on a d20)
Hand of Glory (CAN be cast in close combat, all models in base contact with the caster takes a single P6 hit)

(In keeping with the angry god theme, templar magic is pretty much based on offense but also has some good specific defensive spells aimed at protecting the faithful and hurting the evil)

I still need to work on ideas for the children of the worms magic, which is based on undead nastiness and possibly desert effects...

I also hope to add some named characters to each force, some of whom are spellcasters who will get a couple of unique spells to make them stand out!

Any thoughts and suggestions are most welcome!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

My Orcish Horde


Another quick update! I thought I'd post some pics of the completed titanosaur and while I was at it I took some pics of the orc horde as things stand.

First off heres a size comparison of the necrosaur and titanosaur. Both are mounted on 150x70mm bases and make for some really intimidating (and one one would imagine missile magnets on the battlefield) sights.

Next heres a decent pic of the titanousar with its howdah. I am not too happy with the glyphs painted on the sides of it and may well re-work them or indeed cover them with some spare shields!

Heres a quick 360 view of the titanosaur too!

I quickly jammed in the four crew to give an idea of what the howdah will look like with a horde of orcish types in it too (alas they still need painted!)

Lastly heres a pic of my entire horde as it stands. I have plenty of infantry to keep me going as well as two big warbeasts. I think the next step will be to add some cavalry and a few smaller beasts such as Goranthosaurs and Necrosaurs. After that the final element to be added for the time being will be an Eye of Goranth as its such a nice model and his presence should help stop my orcs running away!

After that I will start work on my dwarf force!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Children of the Worm Concepts!


Heres a couple of really early concept sketches for the children of the worms warbeasts:

Heres a pic of the children of the worms main cavalry. The Larval from of the Worm has limbs but as they grow they slowly change through several forms before reaching their final state.

And heres the final form. Bereft of limbs the great worm is a smaller version of the great devourer who resides in the southern deserts. With the ability to bestow the gift of unlife these are the harbingers of the children of the worm and are worshipped by their unliving minions as avatars of their dark god.

These are just a couple of really early thumbnails and I hope to really develop the concept which will also eventually include some warbeasts that fall between the size of the cavalry larva and the mighty worm. Also in the works are a couple of different infantry units and various characters. Hopefully the existing images will give you a general idea of what the devourers children will look like!

All the best!

Orc Necrosaur Review


Well the necrosaur with harpoon that I got on ebay arrived this morning so I thought I would post a quick review!

The miniature arrived in a sturdy shrink wrapped cardboard box with a colour photo of the necrosaur on the front and some black and white images on the back. On opening it I was pleased to see the components were individually wrapped in bubblewrap and also had some packing peanuts to protect them.

The kit comes in five pieces consisting of main body, head, howdah, howdah roof and harpoon. I was pleased to see just how much better the quality of the resin compared to that of the titanosaur. The cast is very clean and bubble free and has no major cleaning needing done. Unfortunately the howdah is broken which is the problem with resin but can easily be fixed and shouldnt detract from the overall quality of the piece.

The necrosaur is a lower slung beast than the titanosaur and has some real character. Its another really big beast which will need a similar sized base as the titanosaur. As usual the skin is really nicely textured and I suspect it will paint up just as nicely as its bigger cousin.

I really do like the head of the necrosaur as its got a real character with a suitably knobbly and evil look. Theres a small chip on its top lip but it actually adds to the look of the character as it appears to have a nice scar.

Good stuff: All in all this is a brilliant kit, well cast with lots of detail. The beast is huge and well worth the money. The harpoon is even nicely detailed as its made from some sort of horned skull. The resin is clean and bubble free and as already mentioned will paint up nicely!

Bad stuff: The howdah is broken but should be easily sorted. Also there are no crew figures which requires you to source them from another company. I plan to add some heartbreaker and old citadel orc miniatures but it would be nice to have had some crew figures included.

Hope the review helps! Im off to get some uni work done but will try and work on the titanosaur this evening!

Friday, 6 March 2009

An Update!


Just a quick update!

Its a bit of a mixed batch today with a combination of concept art and actual miniatures pics!

First off heres another pic of my Titanosaur with howdah mostly done (theres been some pictographs added on to its sides since this pic was taken chronicling the Khans rise to power including battling dragons and standing on the skulls of those hes slain!) I really will try to get him finished in the morning!

Heres some more concept art of how the orcs were originally supposed to look like. I really like the brutality of the guy and his spines for hair. Truly a suitable harbinger of the end times!

Next off heres some pics of the original goblin concept art. What fantastically sneaky little swine they look too! I would love to see them being used as the basis for some miniatures!

I continue to work on the Leviathan supplement and have been doing some concept sketches for the two new factions and will try to get them online over the course of the coming week! The magic rules are rapidly taking shape and will be available as a draft hopefully by the end of the week.

In slightly related news I am also planning on rummaging out my old Chronopia books for a bit of inspiration as they are what developed from Leviathan. Also there is a thriving gaming community for the game and I plan on getting together some cross over stats allowing players to field figures from the range from that game too!

Alas my gaming budget has been totally decimated as Ive had to pay my uni fees so I will have to content myself with what Ive got for the moment. Saying that I have about 1500 points of orcs and goblins still needing painted, 500 points of dwarf infantry and at least a 1000 points worth of barbarians! Coupled with my uni work (I am studying illustration and animation so there may be a Leviathan related short produced as a bit of fun) and the supplement I think I will be kept busy for some time!

All the best!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Nemesis War Golem PDF


Another quick update! I've got the PDF sorted out with playtest rules for the Nemesis War Golem. Also included in the update are rules for the Steam Powered Gatling Gun with a new template.

Perfect for blowing large holes in enemy infantry formations with its ranged weaponry and capable of using its steam talon to crush warbeasts, the Nemesis is a good general purpose choice for the dwarves. At present its just about the most expensive points wise but has a good combination of ranged and close combat abilities.

I designed the Gatling gun to be more of a strafing type weapon with quite a long, thin template which the dwarf player can decide to place either across enemy formations or cutting right through it to represent a hail of lead blasting out of the gun (inspired by the template from the old Vor wargame and 1st edition Warzone) I hope that it adds an interesting new option to dwarf generals!

Again the PDF has been sent off to the chaps at Scotia Grendel but if anyone wants a copy please feel free to contact me and I will email over a copy!

All the best!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Titanosaur Update!


Heres a quick pic of the Titanosaur I'm painting!

Side view. I added some side sections to the howdah to create a bit more space to jam in extra crew and have generally gone a bit mad with cocktail sticks to produce his spiked collar, tail spikes and quite a few defensive bits on the howdah itself.

I seem to be having a few problems getting the other pics to load on blogger at the mo but more images are available on the scotia grendel forum!

All the best!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Greetings From The North!


Just a quick update! I am in Newcastle for the weekend so havent been able to get any painting done but have got the stats for the Nemesis Mk2 War Golem. I will get the PDF sorted out on Monday. I also have some stats for a new elf unit.

Demonic Infantry are the Lord of Havoks shock troops. The PDF will also be sorted on Monday. At present theres no miniatures produced by Grendel to reperesent them but there are plenty of suitable proxies available!

Work on earthpower continues and I hope to get some of the rough magic rules online in the next week!