Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Leviathan: First Impressions


Well I've received the playtest version of the new 10mm Leviathan rules and thought I'd post my initial impressions!

The game itself has changed greatly both in rules and scale. Instead of a 28mm scale game like warhammer the new version is a 10mm scale mass battle ruleset. I cant compare it to GWs warmaster as it has a more combined arms, World War 2 feel to it which is an interesting departure from the usual fantasy game with its massed lines of infantry and cavalry.

Leviathan has a mixture of infantry (mostly armed with a variety of ranged weapons ranging from bows to staff slings and magical Vril lances), monsters such as demons and elemental golems, warmachines (what I am personally most excited about!) and artillery.

Because of the more WW2 approach the miniatures are based on the new lipped style 50mm round bases that have become popular over the last few years. The combination of the bases and infantry fighting in squads along side tanks and towering monsters should make for a visually appealing and hopefully interesting game!

Its almost a cross between sci-fi and fantasy and I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the miniatures!

The background has been changed significantly with the back story coming from the discovery of a lost renaissance manuscript postulating that there is a twin of earth doomed to an apocalyptic war with fantastic races all bred from the same human stock. When I first heard the plans for this I was rather disappointed as I really liked the original background. However upon reading through it I have found it to be really rather engaging and an interesting departure from the usual tolkienesque fantasy fare (ala GW!)

Over the coming weeks I will break down my entries into covering individual sections of the rules and backstory but I personally am quite excited to see Leviathan is getting a revamp!

I hope to have a bit of an update soon with a brief overview of the rules and a background article on the setting itself so I am off to do some serious reading! If you have any questions I will be more than happy to pass them on to John or make a bit of a stab at answering it myself!

All the best!

Friday, 26 March 2010



Well I've had some great news! Theres a new version of Leviathan in the works!

John Robertson, creator of the original Leviathan wargame (along with Chronopia and a large list of other wargames) is working on a 10mm scale mass battle version along with Mark Brendan, the writer of the sadly unreleased Empire Chronopia.

There will be a completely new miniatures range to accompany it covering the Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and Barbarians with supplements covering new units and even new forces slated for release afterwards!

I will be interviewing John in a couple of weeks time on the new game along with a few other questions on his career and so on and have decided to ask you folks what questions you would ask him!

Please feel free to post any questions (relevant ones only please!) on the comments section of this entry and I will peruse them to see what I can steal!

I am getting a playtest version of the rules in a week or so and will be posting steady updates on the game itself and the development of the miniatures!

All the best!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

More Leviathan Stuff To Giveaway!


Ive still got a few bits and bobs to give away from my Leviathan overstock and as theres a few more followers joined of late I thought I would extend the offer!

As I am moving flats, the less I have to shift the better and I already have FAR more Leviathan miniatures than I can deal with!

Loads Of Swag!

Not all the stuff in the picture is up for grabs but theres a load of random bits and bobs for the blogs followers up for grabs if they are interested!

If any blog follower want any free Leviathan gubbins lease feel free to contact me via my email address which can be found on my profile page!

All the best!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

And The Winner Is...


Well thanks to everyone who voted on the poll and despite a strong showing for all the current factions the winner is the Children of the Worm!

Ive begun looking for some suitable proxies as well as having a scribble at creating some rough rules but it will have to wait until Ive moved house at the end of this month and I can spend a bit of time working on the force.

Apologies for everyone whos waiting on their Leviathan freebie but preparing for the move has taken up my time! I will get them packaged on Monday and hope to have them sent soon after!

All the best!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010



Well it looks like I will have to hold off on updating the blog for the next few weeks as my landlord has just contacted me to let me know that my flat is being repossessed! I have anywhere between a week and two months to find a new flat, a somewhat vague timetable!

I am off to look at some flats tomorrow and hope to move somewhere new in the next few weeks but until then I will have to spend my time packing my tat!

I will still try and get some swag posted out to you all at the weekend!

All the best!