Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Off To Spirit Games!


I am nipping off to Spirit Games in the morning to spend some pennies on an assortment of bits and bobs and will no doubt post pictures of them when I get chance! Spirit Games is one of my regular suppliers of miniatures and is well worth looking in as theres tons of good stuff there and they do a fantastic mail order service too!

Ive actually finished painting something too! The first of my Children of the Worm proxies is just awaiting basing and then I will try and get on with some more before having a bash at some Chronopia miniatures too!

I will post some pics once the base is finished this evening!

All the best!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Four A Miniatures


I thought I would post a quick bit of info on Four A Miniatures, a company set up by long time miniature collector and all round good sort Andy Coleman.

The company has a rather nice assortment of miniatures in development including some of the following:



Dwarf 2


Theres several more dwarves in development which will please the Chronopia players out there!

I will be keeping an eye on the range for some suitable bits and bobs for my Leviathan project!

Alas I am off on holiday again tomorrow (its a hard life!) but will get some more work done sketching and hopefully a bit of sculpting too. I have the first of my Children of the Worm miniatures almost finished and will post pictures of him as soon as I get him finished!

All the best!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010



Heres the second in my series of articles on other wargames that are sadly now out of production but still well worth collecting and gaming!


Chronopia is a direct descendant of Leviathan having many of the original creative team from the older game develop the new one. I remember it being released and reading a review in an independent gaming magazine whose name I forget but seeing the fantastic artwork by Adrian Smith coupled with the chunky and interesting miniatures pictured in the article really got me wanting to get a copy of it.

I still own the complete rulebooks but as with so many other games I never actually managed to play it! Alas its now gone with the end of Target Games and then Excelsior who managed to secure the license for a while. Some of the miniatures are still available from Prince August, the company who cast all the miniatures but I found them a bit on the pricey side these days. Not to be put off I intend on rummaging through my bits boxes and scouring ebay and local gaming stores with the intention of eventually collecting up some reasonable forces for each of the factions.

At the same time I may end up using different companies miniatures as some of the existing ranges are a bit on the bulky side! On a brighter note Four A Miniatures have started producing some rather nice dwarves which are perfect for the dwarven clans featured in the original game!

My next update will hopefully cover some assorted bits and bobs for an assortment of stuff and hopefully some painted miniatures will turn up at some point too!

All the best!

Crucible: Conquest of the Final Realm

Crucible is another of those rulesets that came out and were actually rather good but for a variety of reasons never took off. In this case it was the closing of FASA that spelled the end of the game.


Set in a high fantasy world populated by some rather unusual races the game centres on the exploration of Crucible, a fantastic continent populated by savage orcs. The game itself features some nice concepts and the actual forces are original re-thinkings of the original fantasy fare. The orcs are noble warriors styled after the Zulus while the elves are brutal imperialists and the dwarves are formed of nomadic clans.

I have a plan of integrating many of these forces and units into the Leviathan game world as theres some great ideas and models available from Ral Partha Europe.

Unfortunately only three of the races, the orcs, human Principate and the Royal elves received nearly complete model ranges but theres plenty of opportunity to convert from other ranges!

I will feature some assorted pictures of the miniatures as soon as possible along with some bits and bobs for Chronopia, sculpting gubbins and hopefully a long promised battle report of the playtest version of Levyathan!

All the best!

Blog Overload!


I am planning on doing some blog culling over the next day or two as at present I have three fantasy ones and its all a bit too much to keep regular updates on them all. This blog will therefor be getting a bit more stuff in the form of the occasional Chronopia article along with Crucible and even some sculpting bits and bobs!

I thought I would get the ball rolling with a couple of articles on Chronopia and Crucible to give folks an idea about them!

All the best!