Sunday, 8 August 2010

Real Life Intrudes And A Question!


Apologies for the complete lack of updates here on the blog but Ive been working full time over the last couple of months at an animation company in Bristol which requires me to do a rather lengthy commute leaving me with precious little time to get on with any real hobby time!

To add to the woes my computer has finally died and I havent been able to replace it yet. (I am currently having to beg the use of my long suffering girlfriends laptop!)

Worry not though! I have been getting a bit of painting done here and there and now have one Children of the Worm follower, a mounted Elven character and a second elf, this time with a powerlance finished!

I am also pondering having my own foray into the miniatures world in a small way (literally and figuratively!) and am looking for a bit of feedback from you chaps!

Essentially I am looking at the possibilities of 15/18mm scale as I cant afford the expense of comissioning a range in 28mm scale.

There seems to be a real renaissance going on in the 15mm Sci-fi market but the fantasy one seems to be sadly lagging with the existing manufacturers producing rather stereotypical fantasy fare based on the Lord of the Rings type of background. I want to go for something far more interesting, more akin to Leviathan and Chronopia with its original take on existing races and monsters. The cheaper cost per pack will hopefully allow you to collect an entire army for considerably less than the larger scales.

I aim to get three to four races as an initial release. Each race will initially have a couple of heroes, two to three troop types and a warbeast or two with more races to follow, along with a wide assortment of new units and monsters for existing forces.

Its early days at the moment but any feedback would be most welcome!

All the best!