Saturday, 30 October 2010

Flogging Stuff!


Ive got some bits and bobs listed for sale on ebay at the moment so feel free to have a peruse to see if theres anything you are interested in!

The auctions can be found HERE! I will be listing more bits and bobs over the course of the weekend so keep your eyes peeled!

All the best!

Monday, 25 October 2010

An Updated Update!


Well ive had a bit of a soul search and have decided that I AM going to continue with 28mm scale fantasy gaming!
I had set up a 15mm scale blog with the intentions of starting to collect some armies but have found that theres just not the choice that I'm looking for!

Instead I have decided to start a different project on a similar theme: Collecting an army on the cheap! Ive found that my gaming budget, not to mention time to paint are at a real premium at present.

So Ive got THIS PROJECT underway. I intend to collect an army on a budget of £10 per month with the requirement that I dont buy anything new until the last load is painted!

There will be some Leviathan crossover too which I will post here as well so the blog wont be entirely dead!

All the best!