Friday, 31 December 2010

Last Post Of 2010


Well its been an eventful year gaming wise which involved not much painting or gaming sadly but next year promises to be far more interesting!

The Leviathan project is really starting to gather steam and I have some good ideas for what I am going to be getting up to in the coming year and have set myself a rather large challenge which will see me painting over 100 infantry and cavalry and goodness knows how many large monsters and vehicles, not to mention designing and sculpting a whole lot more!

I suspect that targets will shift somewhat but I am determined to get on with the work in hand!

I will be back in Worcester on the 2nd of January and will be cracking on with the Technomancer Guilders ASAP! I have a mk2 Golem underway at present, along with a Technomancer to lead the force but still need to find some suitable infantry so will be perusing the web to see what I can find!

All the best to everyone!


Thursday, 30 December 2010

Poll Closed!


Well the poll has now closed and the winning force is the Technomancer Guilders!

I will be starting work on them the first week of January with an aim to getting a small force painted and converted by the end of the month!

Following that the rest of the factions will be painted in the following order:

Dwarven Expedition
Steppe Orcs
Sea Devils
Children of the Worm
Daughters of Leviathan
The Lizardmen
Northern Barbarians
Goblin Freedom Fighters
Elven Slavers
Knights of the Eternal Light
The Fallen
The People of the Moon

That will leave me with enough to do till at least February 2012 and the rest will be getting looked at once I've finished the herculean task of collecting and painting the rest!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll and watch this space for developments!

All the best!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

An Updated Map Introduction


I've been thinking of updating the old Leviathan map with something that covers more of the lands of Aeroth. I was originally just going to go for a basic black and white linework one but spotted THIS POST over on Blease World which resulted in a rather nice city layout in 2mm scale:

Aegean Town in 2mm By Steve Blease

Further research resulted in this impressive piece by Eli over on I SEE LEAD PEOPLE:

Martian City By Eli Arndt

I am now thinking of using a somewhat simplified variation to represent the lands of Aeroth. Each city would have to be represented as a few buildings but it could look rather eye catching!

I think I would need to use a decent size of board to represent it but I am up for a bit of a challenge! I may have a dry run over on my OTHER BLOG to represent a sci-fi city to work out any kinks in the plan but we shall see how things develop!

All the best!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Map Of Aeroth


Heres a map of Aeroth I got from the rulebook! (I Just noticed its actually spelled Aerath! Oops, oh well I will continue calling it Aeroth as I'm used to it!)


As you can see it gives a general overview of the continent but the background material has a host of fascinating locations not shown here so I plan on redrawing it with locations such as the Crystal Gardens, the ruins of Koth, the Orcs sacred city and the abandoned Dwarf hold of Dum Morak.

The poll is coming to an end in a couple of days and its looking like folks want to see lots of Dwarves first!

I've been working on a little concept art for the Technomancer Guilders involving a new unit type in the form of Ironclad Infantry, Guilders who march into battle in steam powered armour which has been developed during the Technnomancers experiments into developing the Mk2 War Golems which form the majority of their armed forces. I will be attempting to sculpt a few of these heavily armoured types too and will of course be posting my progress here!

In the mean time I hope everyone has a good boxing day!

All the best!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

5000 Page Views!

Well its come as a bit of a surprise but I've reached the 5000 mark on the page views for the blog here!

Thanks to everyone whose taken a peek at my random ramblings over the last twelve months or so and hopefully I will have lots more to show in the new year!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and Santa brings a load of swag to add to the lead mountain!

All the best!


Tuesday, 21 December 2010



Well its been snowing for most of a week here now and by the looks of things my Scotia Grendel order wont be coming in before Christmas.

I am off to Portsmouth on Thursday so theres not much time to get painting done but I have made a start on a mk2 Wargolem. As the Dwarven expedition will be mainly equipped with tanks and artillery, along with the occassional mk1 Wargolem, I thought that my Technomancer Guilders needed a bit of a different look.

Despite being also being dwarves, I wanted them to have a more technological feel to them in keeping with the background material so they are getting a selection of the mk2 Wargolems!

I will try and get a work in progress picture up over the next day or so but I doubt I will be getting much more work done on the project until the new year (although I am going to be getting a fair bit of concept sketching done!)

All the best!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Forge Magazine Articles 2


Thanks to Tony Harwood, operator of the fine Dampf's Modelling Page blog, I've managed to get hold of all the issues of Forge and Anvil magazine!

Heres the second in a series of Leviathan articles from them, in this case a bit of a background story written by Bill King, author of the Felix and Gotrek books!

I will be adding the rest of the articles over the coming days!

All the best!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Anvil Magazine Articles!


I've been fortunate to get hold of an article about the development of Leviathan as featured in the old Anvil magazine so here it is:

Folks may recognise some of the illustrations from earlier posts but the actual article itself is rather interesting and has some rather good ideas that may need expanding upon!

All the best!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Possible Orc Creature Proxies!


Heres a pic of some Growler miniatures I painted for the sci-fi wargame VOR a few years back:


Sculpted by Kev Adams, the same fellow who produced many of the orc warbeasts for Leviathan I think they could make quite nice savage orc beasties!

Mike Nelson, creator of Vor is actually looking for sponsorship to get the new edition of the rules released. More information can be found HERE. Although its a sci-fi set, its really rather good and has some real possibilities!

All the best!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Progress Update!


Alas theres no sign of the Scotia Grendel parcel as yet but hopefully it will arrive before the end of the week. To be honest its just as well it hasn't arrived as I have a dissertation to hand in for university on Thursday!

I have been putting a little thought into the background of the game and how it an be built on and have decided that the Earthpower supplement I have been pottering away with over the last year or so should be set fifty or so years after the events outlined in the original rulebook.

This will allow me to bring in new units and factions without too much hassle and can give a really interesting new spin on the setting!

I will be fleshing it out over the coming weeks but I hope to be able to include a more detailed map of Aeroth soon so folks can see whats being fought over and just how much damage the sundering of the great seal caused!


As can be seen on the cover, and mentioned throughout the text itself, the land of Aeroth is now a blasted desert, where once mighty cities and sprawling forests stood so theres plenty to work with!

Till then all the best!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Feeling Nostalgic!


I've been having a bit of a reminisce about all the games and miniatures I used to have when I was growing up and have found myself getting a bit nostalgic for a game of Flintloque.

Its had a bit of a mixed press over the years as the sculpt quality can vary vastly but I have fond memories of spending my hard earned cash on orcs and elves from the long defunct Macs Models in Edinburgh.

It was, along with Leviathan and Kryomek, one of the first systems I tried other than GW and I always enjoyed the rules and somewhat characterful miniatures.

Alas I sold off my entire collection years ago when I left home but seeing theres a third edition out I may be tempted to have a look at it in the new year. I doubt I will make many purchases as my budget is already struggling under the large Leviathan projects I have been working on on the run up to the new year but I may well buy a couple of packs and the Death in the Snow version of the rules to give me the opportunity to game the undead against the elves and relive the nostalgia!

Enough navel gazing and back to business though as the poll seems to be indicating that the Dwarves are what folks want to see first, closely followed by the Orcs. This as already mentioned fits in rather nicely with my Old Project Challenge over at Tabletop Gaming News and will give me the opportunity to get a couple of starter forces put together.

I suspect this will keep me busy until February at least as theres some big resin bits needing painted but after that I will be moving onto the next force which at present is a three way split between the Dwarven Technomancers, Daughters of Leviathan and Sea Devils.

I still plan on starting small and forming a small warband for each faction using pre-existing miniatures but want to beef these up with some big creatures sculpted by myself! I am keeping the designs of these beasts to myself at present but will be revealing more in the new year with some teaser images which will be making a periodical appearance amongst my other posts!

So keep your eyes peeled for updates!

All the best!

An Order!


Ive placed an order with the chaps at Scotia Grendel for an assortment of bits and bobs that will aid me to complete my old project challenge!

I have ordered the following:

6 Orc Necrodon riders with spears
6 Goblin Carnodon riders with bows
3 Dwarf organ guns
2 Dwarf wargolems.

This will give me all the bits and bobs I need to complete two 1000 point forces for Classic Leviathan once I've had chance to raid my storage boxes in my parents attic for the remainder of the force!

Hopefully I will get the order in the next week or so, so I can get on with the project! In the meantime I may have a go at converting a Carnodon that I've had kicking round for a while into a Goblin character figure and then theres the Mk2 Dwarven Golem I have been meaning to finish painting too...

All the best!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Looking For Articles!


I am on the look out for any Leviathan related articles out there, especially any from the old ANVIL magazine!

ANVIL Magazine

If anyone has any painted pictures of Leviathan or Grendel stuff please let me know and I will post them here, it doesn't matter if they are being used for Leviathan or not!

I also had a bit of a giveaway a while back where I sent out a load of miniatures to the sites followers in celebration of the blogs 100th post and was wondering if anyone fancies sending me a pic or two of the resulting paint jobs!

I hope to be able to update with some more pictures of painted stuff next week, along with a progress report on my old project challenge and an update on how the poll is going!

All the best!

Leviathan Goodness!


While on the lookout for some Leviathan images I was directed to PAINT SPLATS blog.

He's got some really cracking images of some vignettes he produced for Anvil magazine and heres some examples

Grendel Tower

Leviathan Scene

Truly inspiring stuff! The work in progress shots as well as some close ups are all over on his blog and its well worth a look!

All the best!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tabletop Gaming Old Project Challenge


I've decided to enter the Tabletop Gaming Old Project Challenge!

Its been set up to get folks to take a look at a project thats been on their workbench for quite a while and I thought it would be ideal to spur me into action with my Leviathan stuff.

I've set myself the challenge of painting up 1000 points worth of Dwarves and Orcs by the end of February next year (handily they are also the front runners on the poll at present too!)

Further info can be found HERE!

Heres a quick breakdown of the forces:



1 Level 2 Hero with Thunderhammer battletank . 195


5 Dwarves with spears, medium armour, shields and standard 174

5 Dwarves with crossbows 185

War Machines

2 Multi Barrelled Grenade Launchers 140

6 crew 90


2 War Golems 212

GRAND TOTAL: 996 Points



1 Level 2 Hero with a Necrosaur, medium armour, spear and shield 183

1 Level 1 Hero with Necrodon, light armour, 2 handed weapon and shield 57

Infantry and Cavalry

5 goblin carnadons, hand weapons, shields and shortbows 160

5 orc necrodons, light armour, shield and spear 200


2 orc carnosaurs, hand weapons, shields, standard 165.5

1 Necrosaur with harpoon 215

GRAND TOTAL: 1000.5 Points

That should give me plenty to work on while incorporating some of the stuff I already have painted!

All the best!

Leviathan Musings And An Unexpected Decision!


Well the voting on the poll continues apace with the Dwarves front runners, closely followed by the Steppe Orcs.

While I've been contemplating my new Leviathan project I had a look over my old plans for where I wanted to get my old Leviathan project to go and was saddened to see that my plans to get sizeable warbands put together for each faction never really got off the drawing board.

This, I've decided will not do! I am determined that each of the small warbands I have detailed previously should go beyond just the half dozen models I had intended and should be expanded to a more reasonable host!

This may take me longer to achieve than originally planned but I believe its going to be worth the trouble!

I had planned on using the Leviathan rulebook as the basis for these warbands but have decided to run with Song Of Blades for small skirmishes and Wargames Unlimiteds NO QUARTER ruleset to represent larger scale battles.

This will allow me to start small and expand the forces as I go and still allow me to get a great deal of customisation into the game!

All the best!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Painted Stuff!


Heres a couple of quick pictures of some stuff I've painted over the last while:

Elven Powerlance

Dark Elf Dragonbane Riding Noble

Fallen Bishop

Hopefully I will get chance to add more ASAP!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Elementalist Games!


I've been working on my model making and have a finished maquette. He's a bit of a concept piece to show what the four city states will be able to field:


I will be adding some more pictures to the blog as and when I get them done!

All the best!