Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dwarven Order of the Axe


Just a quick update to show the completed Dwarven commander figure from the Leviathan range:

Order of the Axe Commander

It has to be said he's a big Dwarf standing well over 20mm tall but has lots of nice little details on him such as his warhelm and severed elven head. 

Hopefully I will have the Golem ready for an update over the weekend too and I have even found my 15mm stuff so there might even be a battle report coming up too!

All the best!

All the b

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wargolem Part 1


Heres a quick peek at something I'm working on for my Dwarf force!


Its a bit of a hodgepodge of different models with some shoulders which I've made from Milliput, Greenstuff and Procreate. Theres still quite a lot to do before I get to the painting stage but I thought it was high time for me to actually get on with some big resin stuff!

The model consists of the MkII Black Thunder body and legs along with the MkI Wargolem arms. The mace hand has been cut off, pinned and reposed to give it a slightly more dynamic pose and most of the casts irregularities such as small air bubbles and mould lines have been removed too.

The right shoulder still needs a lot of work and the left needs more studs and spikes adding and I am thinking of adding some large pieces of scale mail to make it more closely match the original concept art. 

The reason I decided to do this project is that the MkI Wargolem kit I had was rather badly miscast and was covered in mould lines where the mould had been mis-alaigned which would have resulted in having to clean up a considerable amount of resin, something I really wanted to avoid as its not unlike trying to chip off rock and even my dremel would have struggled!

Hopefully by this time next week I will have him primed and ready to paint and will post another update then!

In the meantime all the best!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Leviathan Rules Redux


Well its been a rather mixed couple of days here, on the one hand I have got quite a bit of painting sorted out but on the other am struck down with man flu! Still its given me some time to think about what I want to do with this project!

Initially I had set up this blog to cover the Leviathan rulebook and setting but it soon became more about the setting that I was developing and taking it off on a tangent from the original into something far more home grown.

Likewise despite having been a supporter of Leviathan all this time I have never actually played a game using the rules from the book. Instead I used lots of other ones such as Song of Blades and even Rogue Trader to represent the rules. I suspect this is partly because I don't have the 8x4 foot board required to play a game and partly because the rules have a rather unfinished feel to them.

The problem is that it was intended as the core rulebook but needed a little more work to it. At present theres too many missing bits, unclear rules and whatnot to really make for a satisfying game so I am proposing cheating and using a completely different set instead!

Theres a long list of fantasy games that would do the trick but Leviathan doesn't really fit them, theres too many big machines, tanks and monsters to fit properly so I am going to experiment with two rulesets that I have found and like, firstly theres Rogue Trader, yes its a sci-fi ruleset but I have always enjoyed playing it and its very flexible too!

The other set is going to be No Quarter by Wargames Unlimited, a rather nice set of generic rules available for free which is good and it has the added advantage of using the D10 instead of D6's.

Now I've made my decision, I need to sort out some forces and looking at what I have left, its looking like the Dwarves have the advantage as I still have a decent amount of stuff available for them!

At present I have enough to field the following:

1 Order of the Axe Guilder
1 Technomancer
2 Order of the Axe Drakes

2 units of 5 Dwarf Guards armed with hand weapons, medium armour and shields.
1 unit of 5 Dwarf Guards armed with spears, medium armour and shields (2 need paint stripping)
1 unit of 5 Dwarf Guards armed with crossbows and medium armour. (still missing 2 crossbowmen)

3 multi barrelled grenade launchers (still missing 9 crewmen)

Dwarf Guard

To this list I still need to add the following to give me a nice force to be getting on with:

2 Thunderhammer Battletanks
1 Irondrake Battletank 
5 Pavices for the Crossbow unit. 

I will also be adding a transport vehicle for one of my infantry squads from Ramshackle Games too but more on that later! For now I will be trying to finish what I have to hand before getting any more stuff and will try and get some stats and armylists put together for both systems.

All the best!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fallen Knights


Just a quick update to show some completed Fallen Knights!

Fallen Knights

Originally from Chronopia, they will be seeing service as Chaos Warriors for Warhammer and Fallen Knights for Leviathan. I actually picked them up a couple of years back from a bargain bin in my local gameshop in Gosport (sadly now closed) and wish I had a few more as they paint up quite nicely and a full regiment of them would be rather nice...

All the best!

Deathseeker Assassin


Heres the newest addition to my Leviathan project, the Deathseeker! Reading the background of the Leviathan book theres mention of a prince of the Fallen called Bethshakai, the Hidden One but other than a brief description, not much else so I thought it would be fun to create some troops for him to add some interest to the campaign I am hoping to start!

The model itself is one of the Mage Knight Metals from Ral Partha that I picked up a couple of years back.

Bethshakai, the Hidden One is one of the Princes of the Fallen but unlike Azothar or The Devourer, relies on more subtle ways to achieve his ends than brute force. He has many followers hidden amidst the races of Aeroth who act as his eyes and ears and allow him to carry out his labyrinthine scheming.

One of his most common servants are the cult of the Deathbringer Assassins. Raised in the secret temples of the Spider god, these mortals are taught the many ways of silent killing, secrecy and stealth, their very bodies become weapons of death.

Under the nominal command of the Oracles, The Hidden Ones priests, the Deathbringers deal out silent punishment for those who oppose their master. Armed with bow and barbed arrows the Deathbringer can kill from afar or close in using their knives and with their robes of darkest black, they strike from the shadows before vanishing like ghosts.

One example of their skill was the death of Maleketh, Azothars warchief in the Weeping Glades region. A mighty Elven noble of terrible reputation, Maleketh was killed with a single arrow though the eyeslit of his helm by a shadowy figure in the midst of battle from a range of over three hundred yards. Likewise many a foe of the Spider God have fallen under the Deathbringers blades or been found poisoned in seemingly impossible locations ranging from secure vaults in the Dwarven holds to shrines of the Knights of the Eternal Light.

Deathseeker Assassin

He will be seeing use as an independent character that will form part of a secret cult within some of the non Fallen societies in Aeroth!

All the best!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fallen Footsoldier

Amongst the human survivors of the Death following the Elves breaking of the great seal, many have flocked to the banners of the princes of the Fallen. In return they are granted power but at a terrible price. 

Azothar the Destroyer, also known as The Lord Of Havok, has raised armies of such foolish mortals to help him conquer large areas of Aeroth as his Fallen minions cannot always be relied upon while the Human regiments are fanatically loyal to their new master. 

Fallen Footsoldiers are the regular troops of the Lord of Havok and wear heavy suits of plate armour, usually painted in ruddy reds or black and wielding heavy iron swords and axes. 

These mighty warriors are especially despised by the Untamed, the human barbarian clans of the north who believe that they have insulted the Earth Mother by turning their backs on her and siding with the forces of evil.

Fallen Footsoldier


Well thats the first of a unit of about half a dozen Fallen Footsoldiers that I am putting together at the moment! He's one of the old plastic Chaos Warriors but will be seeing duty in a Fallen warband instead. 

They are a new force I have been thinking of adding for a while now as the background from the book mentions humans fighting for the Fallen and I will add more information on them as I paint up the rest of them!

All the best!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Calling For Leviathan!


Just a quick update! I am on the lookout for anyone who may have either playtested or even worked on either the original Leviathan or the revised edition from the late 90s with the faint hope of getting any information on the long lost Earthpower supplement!

It was mentioned on the back of the rulebook and indeed there was a draft copy of it back in the day but it was lost when Scotia-Grendels computer broke so I am hoping to piece together whatever I can from it and put a fan edition together!

I have been in touch with Scotia-Grendel direct, William King, who wrote the background and even John Robertson who originally developed the game but the mists of time have meant I have drawn a blank so I am hoping that there may be someone out there who can help!

For reference, the revised edition of Leviathan came in a spiral binding and had an Elven and Dwarf versions.

I know its a vague hope but you never know!

All the best!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dramatis Personae


Heres a couple of quick pics of some new additions to my painted stuff!

First up theres my Technomancer for my Dwarf force:


He is one of the only Leviathan sculpts I currently actually have in my collection and in my opinion, is also one of the best sculpts from the original range as he really looks like the original concept. 

Interestingly in the armylists of the book, he comes with a couple of apprentices so I will need to see if I can locate some suitable figures who will also need to be armed with some rockets. I really want to see about sculpting up his other weapon option, that of a flamethrower too though as its a really nasty weapon!

Next up is a freelance magic user:


I am not sure what I am going to do with him to be honest as he doesn't really fit in any of the established armies from the game so he may end up as a rogue sorcerer on the run from the Knights of the Eternal Light and either hiring out his skills or hiding in amongst the ruins of one of the megacities that dot the surface of Aeroth. 

He's originally from the Chainmail range and did have a small mace and fireball but I reworked him a couple of years back for a possible VSF force that never materialised but he looks quite fine for Leviathan too!

Next up I have been compiling a bit of a list of what I actually have and it doesn't make enjoyable reading for Leviathan. As many folks noted, I gave up on the project a couple of years back and sold almost the entire collection so I don't have much to work with so am going to have to make do with what bits and bobs I can find in my box of bits before starting on a very limited scheme of purchasing what I need to replace.

I am also looking at what forces I want to concentrate on and have settled on the Dwarves to begin with followed by the Elves.

The reason for this is that the Dwarf range of resin is pretty much complete and has stood the test of time quite well. The Elves on the other hand, haven't really had any attention from me at all, even in my last attempt at the project so this time round I want to make a proper bash at them and I may even sculpt some new stuff for them too!

All the best!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Leviathan Awakes!

Deep within the Sea Of Storms, the mighty Leviathan is stirring, it's mile long bulk effortlessly powers it from the depths, its mighty tentacles weaving sinuously as it approaches the surface and with it comes a new age to Aeroth!

The apocalypse has been and gone, the Fallen still swarm across the ravaged land but small enclaves of Humans survive in the ruined megacities and untamed northlands. Dwarves send forth expeditions from their mountain strongholds and the Orcish hordes continue to trek across the land ever in search of combat and glory for their savage god.

Likewise the Elves, the degenerate descendants of the once proud rulers of Aeroth scheme and plot to regain their former glories. This is the land of Leviathan!


Well it's been a couple of years since I did anything meaningful with my Leviathan blog but I've found myself painting Dwarves for the first time in years and figured it was time to bring the game out of retirement!

Maybe it's the increased interest in oldhammer but I have a real hankering to get the blog rolling again so to get things started here's a Dwarf unit I've been working on:


Hopefully I will be able to add some vehicles and other gubbins soon!

All the best!